Tip Of The Week – February’15 Suman March 2, 2015

Tip Of The Week – February’15

Tip of the week talks about lesser known correct versions of language usage.

2 Feb – Confusing words:

Loose, lose – confusing?

It takes me a second to figure the correct one out! Loose means not tight and lose means not find something. This might help remember which one to use:

If your pants are too loose, you might lose them

9 Feb – Ma’am is the correct contracted form for the English word Madam. People frequently change it to Mam, which is incorrect.

16th Feb

It’s and Its – It’s is the short form for ‘It is’ or ‘It has’
Eg: It’s been raining since morning (It has)
It’s a different matter altogether (It is)
‘Its’ is a possessive form
Eg: The cow and its tail had the same colour

Is there any usage related concept you want me to discuss in the tip of the week? Drop me a line below.