Monday Mantra: Say Cheese: The Hidden Power of Smiling

Mother Teresa said: “I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”

The most beautiful and touching thing in the world is a baby’s sweet smile. Its seems no short of a miracle when a baby looks up at you and graces you with that tiny, toothless grin. A smile, even as grown ups, is a gesture that welcomes, soothes and tells us things are fine. 

Some facts:

A simple smile makes you look attractive and feel good. It gets people to perceive you as more trustworthy. A smile is contagious, diffuses tension and builds relationships faster.

I found this brilliant infographic that talks about all we need to know about the power of a smile:

Say Cheese: The Hidden Power of Smiling.

So smile more. Smile at people more. It costs nothing and has only benefits!


  1. meandmydarkside

    And here we are, creating a world, where smiling at strangers is considered creepy!

    1. That’s because our culture does not encourage smiling. Whenever I have traveled abroad, people smile at total strangers in lifts and hotel lobbies! Hopefully, we will gradually create a smiling world. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comments.

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