Tip of the week: March’15 Suman April 6, 2015

Tip of the week: March’15

The tips in March dealt with a few more important language errors which people tend to use.

2 March: People often confuse between ‘stay’ and ‘live’. You ‘stay’ for a short duration but ‘live’ permanently in a place. People often ask me where do I stay and I invariably answer, I live in Mumbai because I know that’s that they want to know.

9 March: “Myself, Ram” OR “My colleague and myself” – Using myself when you mean ‘I’ or ‘me’ is incorrect. Myself is a reflexive pronoun used when you want to talk about something on your own. For instance, I made it myself (on my own). So, Introduce yourself as “I am Ram” and say “my colleague and I”

16th March: Land and land up: The plane lands. And people land up in trouble.

23rd March: For: a duration of time. Since: a particular point of time.
Eg: I haven’t seen her for a year (duration of a year)
I haven’t seen her since graduation (the day of graduation)

Do drop me a line in comments if you want me to add something of your choice in tips of the week.