A Quick Checklist For Your First Interview Suman April 10, 2015

A Quick Checklist For Your First Interview

We have already looked at how to prepare a winning resume and write a great cover letter. You have landed the coveted call letter and you do not want to goof up now. Here are a few thing that you need to take care of to ensure you don’t miss anything for the big day!


As I have already said earlier, being prepared is on the important keys to success in interviews. As a fresher, you don’t want bad experiences to teach you the worst lessons! Here’s a checklist to keep you going:


1. Resume copies in a folder – A crumpled resume that’s been in your bag or your hand is the last thing you want.The folder can hold all your papers neatly which can be presented to the interviewer. 

2. Well Ironed Clothes – Decide what you will wear, try it on to make sure it fits and looks well, iron it well and hang it the previous night.

3. Find out the exact venue, the time it will take you to reach (and add another 30-40 minutes if you live in metros). Also, figure out your mode of transport. You may need extra time in case of public transit.

4. Grooming – Run a quick check that your nails are clipped, hair neatly cut (boys) and any chipped nail paint removed (girls)

5. Go to sleep on time. Don’t forget to set the alarm. 


1. Make sure that you slept well so that you are up early and fresh. Avoid delays.

2. Don’t skip breakfast. Low sugar levels can leave you stressed and drained.

3. Avoid eating or drinking after you are dressed. I don’t think you want to deal with ketchup or coffee stains when you are all set to leave.

4. Carry a small comb and a deo stick. You will more likely be dishevelled by the time you fight the traffic and make it to the venue.

5. Don’t forget to put your phone on silent or vibrate.

6. Smile to soothe your nerves!

Feel free to add more points to this checklist in your comments and share with other readers too.


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