Tip of the week – April 15

This month, I introduced tips on skills apart from language tips that we seen so far.

6 April: Whenever you need to speak or write on a topic, always make points. Jot down, say 3 important points and work your examples around them. This helps structure your thoughts and keeps you on track.

13 April: Presentation Skills: The more time you put into your preparation, the better your presentation is likely to go. So prepare well on all aspects of your presentation and rehearse till you get it perfect.

20 April: The rule of three is a great way to enhance your message in a presentation. Use words and phrases in triads to convey your idea with impact and make it memorable.

27 April: Usage: Mr or Mrs is always used with the last name or the full name. It is wrong to use it with only the first name. Wrong: Mrs. Soniya or Mr. Amit. Correct: Mrs. Soniya Malhotra or Mrs. Malhotra. Mr. Amit Suri or Mr. Suri

Drop in a line if you want me to give you tips on any language and skills related topics.


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