17 Five Minute Or Less Productivity Hacks – Business Insider


The race with time! Photo Credit

It’s a perennial race against the ticking clock to complete all our tasks in a given day.  There are numerous techniques to plan and organise your work to ensure maximum productivity in a day. I came across this brilliant article in Business Insider that talks about mini-habits that take less than 5 minutes but can make a huge difference to your productivity. And the means to do it is through habit stacking. Read on to know more about it and my favourite hacks from the list.

These productivity tips are taken from the book, Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less by S. J. Scott. In the book, Scott talks about Habit- Stacking – creating simple routines that can be easily repeated everyday as a checklist to accomplish tasks. The details are given in the article itself and you can find the list at the end of this post.

My favourite ones are:

3. Focus on three important tasks. I have also talked about it one of the posts on this blog. This helps focus on what needs to be done and the results are more satisfying.

10. Do the hardest task first: I have a lot of tasks on my list that I have been postponing forever. And this pointer can really get me through those long pending tasks.

14. Use the 2-minute rule: I like this one also since it will just help you deal with quick tasks then and there. One doesn’t have to keep them piled on to our to-do lists.

16. Write a done list: I have tried doing this a couple of times to feel better at the end of a seemingly unproductive day when I was busy all day but did not seem to ave gotten a lot done. This essentially answers the question, “What did I do all day today?”

Read on to know all the other points. And tell me which ones are your favourite from the list.

Five Minutes Or Less Productivity Hacks – Business Insider


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