Tip of the Week: May’15 Suman June 1, 2015

Tip of the Week: May’15

Hi! This month I have focussed on language and usage related errors. You will have commonly heard many of these in your everyday life. And now that you know the right usage, share this with others to spread the joy of correct language! 🙂

4th May: How often have we heard the sentence, “This option is more better”? What is wrong with this sentence? Better is a word that itself says that something is better in comparison to something else. There is no need to add another comparative term ‘more’ to it.

11 May: “I did not knew this” – using double negatives in a sentence is wrong. The auxiliary verb ‘did’ here says it is past tense. So the main verb, ‘know’ can be in present tense. So the correct version would be – “I did not know about this”

18th May: I recently overheard someone speak on the phone and say, “I am Kumar this side”. There is no side to a phone. So it’s wrong (more of an Indianism) to say that. The correct thing to say would be: “I am Kumar” and the person you are talking to on phone will know which side you are in!

25th May: English honorifics: Mr. Mrs. Ms. etc are called honorifics in English Language. Use the right one at the right place. Mr. is used for all men. Mrs. is used for only married women. Ms. is used for women irrespective of their marital status and safe to use for all women.

If you want me to share tips about anything specific, drop me a line in your comments and you will definitely see them in the forthcoming tips.