Why basics never go out of fashion

The little dots and dashes in the English Language, called the punctuation, can go a long way in making clear or distorting your message. it can make the difference between a yes and a no. Wrongly placed and it can make the meaning of what you meant totally the opposite of what you actually meant. I am reminded of a story related to this.

An English teacher was conducting a class on punctuation. As an exercise in the topic, she asked her students to punctuate the following sentence as they deemed fit – A woman without her man is a savage

The boys in the class did this:

A woman, without her man, is a savage

The girls of the class went:

A woman, without her, man is a savage

Just a tiny comma changed the way the genders perceived their relationship with each other. I wanted this to be a short post as a reminder about how basics never go out of fashion. We may write stories or novels – the basic building blocks of language, like words and punctuation marks, don’t change.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t know what exactly grammar nerd/nazi means but I am always drawn to the basics and they can never be compromised on. I have kept this post deliberately simple since I did not want the message to get lost in the melee of words.

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