Indianisms: 16 more of them to avoid Suman August 17, 2015

Indianisms: 16 more of them to avoid

I have already spoken about Indianisms on this blog and the post 21 Indianisms you should never use got quite a few hits. Even though I did explain earlier, I will do it again for the benefit of readers who have landed on this post. Indianisms are English phrases typically used in India, mostly through regional influences and direct translation from the vernacular. While they add local flavour to Indian English, it is not a good idea to use it in formal communication – or any communication, if you ask me. So, here are 15 more of them you may want to add to your list of not-to-use phrases and sentences.

1. I finished my graduation in 2004

2. I was not expecting this to happen

3. Please eat an extra laddu from my side

4. There is a door on the backside of the building

5. I keep remembering college days when we had so much of fun

6. According to me, this is a wrong assumption.

7. I joined this company 10 years back

8. This is basically the problem with cities. (Where are you basically from?)

9. As per me, this is not going to do any good to us

10. It is my marriage anniversary with my wife today

11. You have to remove my photo

12. Where do you reside?

13. We do lot of such stuffs  in our company

14. Where are you put up?

15. We have shifted to Bangalore now

16. All my family members love ice cream

While we may have a good laugh at these funny constructions, it is no laughing matter to get caught using them in your formal communication. Do you have any pet peeves? Feel free to share them in your comments. They might make it to the next blog post on Indianisms!