How To Choose A Training Niche? Suman September 23, 2015

How To Choose A Training Niche?

When I tell people what I do, sometimes people ask, “Is it like an image consultant?” And I need to explain the difference to them. I realize that there are many terms floating around which come under training or people use the word trainer in general. So I thought of writing a post putting together commonly used terms and try to differentiate them for you. You are free to add more to my list.

1. Corporate Trainer: This is a generic term used for anyone who delivers training in corporate organisations. The term can get specific depending on the specific topics trainers specialize in. For instance, a communication or a soft skills trainer will train in the those topics. They could train corporates or individuals in open workshops. Leadership trainers usually train people at senior management level which involves training in advanced skills like negotiation, conflict management etc. There are also motivational trainers who focus on building motivation of the work force so that it gets channelized into better results. Some motivational trainers also specialize in outbound training programs to motivate teams through fire walk, mountain rappelling, drums circle etc. (There are a whole lot of other terms which can’t all be put in one post)

2. Image Consultant: This is a comparatively new stream where professionals are trained to be experts personal branding, reputation management and other aspects of improving your image.  This can be achieved through enhancing grooming, a better dressing style, training in speaking well and a generally positive mindset. Image consultants work with individuals and organisations and work on improving how people perceive themselves and how the world perceives them. 

3. Language Trainers: These are experts to train in language skills. Certifications like IELTS, ESOL etc help in becoming a trainer in this field. British Council has been a leading body that promotes language learning in our country through their various programs. They also certify language trainers. Language trainers are adept at language learning principles and can develop exercises on topics to help you learn a language faster.


Coaching all about helping individuals reach their goals (photo credit)

4. Coach: Even though this term is understood generally in the sense of a sports coach – teaching someone a skill. A coach – as used in a non sports context and as defined by coaching bodies – is someone who helps you explore the solutions of your problems within you by asking powerful questions. There can be coaches in different areas, just like trainers are – Executive coach, CEO/CXO Coach, business coach, leadership coach, life coach, wellness coach etc. There are several other terms used to suit specify areas people coach in. 

You can learn more about how coaching can help you here

5. NLP Practitioner: Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming are certified to help personal development through techniques of NLP.  NLP is “a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.” (Source: WIkipedia). In a session, the practitioner uses his expertise to study your body language and the words you use to assess your state of mind as you talk and help you reach guide you to a solution based on it.

6. Wellness coach/healer: These professionals are a part of the the training industry since they function as coaches as defined above. They work specifically with you on goals related to health and general well being. It could be through NLP, Reiki or other alternative therapies of help.

7. Technical or process trainer: These trainers specialize in technical streams or specific processes. Computer languages, hardware training, accounting processes, call center processes are a few areas that would need experts like these. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a list of terms I could think of. Please feel free to suggest more. I shall add them to the post and credit it to you. Keep them coming!