The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity  Suman November 6, 2015

The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity 

Personal productivity is a huge deal in today’s busy times. There’s advice flying all over the place on how to get the best out of your day and potential. I am personally a strong believer in being organised and hacking away at the to-do list one thing at a time. But did you think doing that could be fun? Here is a wonderful article by Steve Tobak where he says it is not important to drive yourself up the wall every second of the day. Just focus on what needs to be done and get it done. And if that extra cup of coffee or glass of wine keeps you going, so be it! In a nutshell, here are his 7 rules – though I’d urge you to run through the whole piece:

Rule 1: Focus on your goals and priorities.

Rule 2: Know yourself.

Rule 3: Always get the job done.

Rule 4: Love your work.

Rule 5: Be flexible, adaptive, and creative.

Rule 6: Work when you have to, not when you don’t.

Rule 7: Take care of yourself.

It doesn’t take filing systems, organization or daily plans to run a successful business. Read on to learn what really works — then do it!

Source: The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity #RealLeaders