Blog Like Suman – The Blogging Workshop For Beginners Suman December 7, 2015

Blog Like Suman – The Blogging Workshop For Beginners

I know I have been missing for sometime now. But life seems to get crazy sometimes and takes us away from our favourite places. But I guess the absence paid off because I am back with some great news – a blogging workshop for beginners. Read on for all the details: 

Why blogging for beginners?

The blogging scene is as vibrant as ever. The blogosphere is brimming over with new blogs every day. Blogs are the new go-to place for information. They are also a brilliant way to carve a place for yourself online. While all this sounds so promising, blogging is not just about hacking away at your keyboard every alternate day. In fact, in the long term, producing posts every week is also a challenge. And it has also become harder to find your unique place in this space. 

 Do you read blogs and hope to start one someday? Is the maze of blogosphere too confusing to navigate? Do you have a lot of ideas but cannot figure out where to start? Do you wonder who will want to read what you write? I can understand how you feel. And hence this workshop. The right planning and research can help you find answers to all your questions. It will also set the foundation for a blog that can make an impact.

So what is Blog like Suman about?

The workshop looks at critical questions to ponder over:

What exactly will my blog be about? Can I fit that into a genre?

How to add post after post to create your blogging presence?

Who are the readers of my blog?

Where do I find them?

What is the blogging etiquette I need with fellow bloggers?

Being clear about the answers will ensure that you don’t painstakingly create a blog, work on an elaborate scheme and put the first post only to realise that you are not sure what to do next. Or that no one’s visited your blog in 2 weeks since the first post. This quick 3 hour workshop is a crash course in helping you understand the process that goes into starting and building a blog. No technical data. No SEO spiel. Just plain path to your blog with a crystal clear route to it.

Who is it for?

People who love writing:  Getting a post out of 300-500 words every week (or more frequently) is not going to be easy unless you have a passion for writing. You need to have a flair for putting pen to paper – metaphorically speaking.

People who want to start a blog: This workshop is best suited for people who are still standing on the edge. If you:

Have been thinking of starting a blog,

Seem to have some ideas you’d like to write about,

Are confused about the right platform to choose

Can’t figure out where to start

People stuck after a post or two: You might already have a blog but lost steam after the first post. OR lost clarity in your objectives after the initial rush of starting your blog.

People who have questions about blogging: You may have sorted your ideas out but still have questions specific to your situation. Let’s thrash them out at the workshop!

Who is it not for?

This is equally important:

X If you are already a blogger

X You want to learn more about SEO

X You want tricks to grow your blog

X You want someone to trouble shoot your technical difficulties

Why me?

I am passionate about writing.

I write on 2 blogs – one, personal and another, professional.  And on Linkedin Pulse.

I have gone through the process of starting blogs twice over

I made different plans for both blogs and implemented successfully. 

I took the November blogging challenge and wrote 27 posts in 27 consecutive days

I want to share my experience with others and help them achieve their blogging goals

When and where is it?

19th o f December, 10am to 1 pm. Hate stuffy corporate training rooms? Don’t worry! We will start our journey towards blogging amidst the aroma of tea blends at Taj Mahal Tea House, Bandra West. It seems like the perfect setting to let our creative juices flow and plan our blogging future. 

All this, for just Rs. 499 only!

Sounds like something you are looking for? Hop in! From an off beat venue to an unbeatable price, it doesn’t get better than this! Drop me a line here or any of the contact points in the flyer and get your seat soon.