Training: Business Communication with Harman Professional Suman January 11, 2016

Training: Business Communication with Harman Professional

Harman Professional Division, India is the professional solutions division of Harman International and is an expert solution provider in audio, video, lighting and control systems. Training a group of their sales and marketing team was a unique challenge since I was given just 2 hours at the end of their team meet. Modules – effective business communication and social media for business. This was a challenge but also worked as a good thing. The workshop was a sharp one, focussed on practical aspects on both the topics.


Glimpses from the program

Harman, Audio

Glimpses from the program

The business communication module covered communicating in formal situations with emphasis on written communication. We had a rather humourous discussion on ‘do the needful and revert back’ parts of emails. Social media for business was a quick introduction to social media and how each member of the team could help build a brand image and trouble shoot online.  It was a short but great session on how people can use communication and social media as individuals to further the goals of an organisation.


The mandatory group photo after the session!

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