10 Secrets of Making Every Presentation Fun, Engaging, and Enjoyable


Making a presentation fun and informative is a skill we all need to develop (Photo credit)

The thought of a presentation generally conjures up an image of a dark room with a bored audience. But do all presentations have to be like that? There are several other tools that can make talks and presentations enjoyable. I’d like to talk about my favourite ones from the article I’ve shared below:

1. Open with a good ice breaker: Opening of a presentation is the moment when rapport is created and trust is built. Start with something that gets everyone’s attention to your presentation is a good thing – a startling fact, a story, a bombastic statement, a joke, a metaphor – your choices are endless.

2. Use a healthy dose of humour: This needs some practice but is a great tool to keep the audience engaged and make you more likeable as a speaker.

3. Tell a story: As I already mentioned, stories are a great way to make your presentation interesting. You can include stories in the middle of your talk too – at a time you think your audience might need a little boost to their attention span.

4. Practice your delivery: Practice makes a man perfect – goes the cliche. And it is true too! Being a great speaker isn’t an easy task. The great speakers we look up to spent hours mastering the art. Make sure that you practice all aspects of your presentation so that you can delivery it with expertise and panache.

5. End on a serious note: All said and done, it is also important to get your message to the audience loud and clear. So, ensure that you end the speech by reiterating what your central theme or message is.

For the rest of the tools, read on:

Check out these 10 effective ways to make fun presentations that are not only enjoyable, but informative as well.

Source: 10 Secrets of Making Every Presentation Fun, Engaging, and Enjoyable


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