Are Videos More Popular?

A 100 million people watch online videos everyday – 75% watch work-related videos and 90% online shoppers rely on retailers’ videos to help them make shopping decisions. The consumer internet traffic is likely to go up from 57% in 2015 to 69% in 2017 and 79% in 2018. That’s some staggering statistics to prove that videos are indeed the next big wave. I was first exposed to this concept during the last Social Media Week in Mumbai this year. More and more people prefer videos for information, marketing, entertainment etc.

This piece of information intrigued me because I’m not really a fan of videos. So I decided to run a Twitter poll and see what people in general think about this trend. Here is the result:

Although the number of respondents is not big, I think the the final results accounts for some truth. 

I have always been partial to reading since that’s what we (my generation) grew up doing. Videos are a great way to learn. But the primary reason I prefer reading to videos is that reading is self-paced. I can scan through the entire page, sometime in seconds. But the video takes its own time to load and play itself out. 

What is your favourite mode of online consumption? Blogs, videos, pictures – share it in your comments and tell me and the readers about it. Looking forward to your responses.


  1. I think videos are more popular in countries with better internet connectivity. For India where 3G connections still are slow, and watching video leads to dwindling of data balance quickly, reading is still a preferred option unless we have access to a stable Wi-Fi network and plenty of time.

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