What Are Your Retirement Plans? Suman May 5, 2016

What Are Your Retirement Plans?

I recently finished an assignment with a PSU. The average employee there has spent a few decades in the company, followed the same routine everyday and will continue to till retirement. I realised that once retire comes around, it’s going to be a huge change in their lifestyle – almost being flung out of their comfort zone. After some pondering, I realized that for the most part our lives we are also occupied with work, following the routine to take care of timely EMIs, insurance policies for retirement and accidents, appraisals at work, family commitments and ageing parents. A lot of our personal projects and hobbies are on the back burner forever waiting for an elusive ‘me’ time somewhere in the future. And before we know the kids are grown up and flown out of their nests and we are left feeling empty.


Retirement can be one of the best phases of life (photo credit)

While this is the routine most of us go through, I think it is equally important to look inwards and find out what is it that we want to do apart from work. After decades of frenetic activity, the lull of retirement might hit harder than we think. So while we plan for finances for our children’s future and our retirement, it is equally important plan investments in our own well being. And continue to grow even if we don’t have our professional identity. Once you start investing in yourself and your hobbies, these things can become full time projects when life comes to it. Here are a few things that I could think of:

1. Keep up with your social circle

2. Develop a hobby and spend some time on it on weekends

3. Find causes you care about and associate yourself with organisations

4. Make a list of books you’d like to read

5. Or places you’d like to travel to

6. Start planning that book you always wanted to write

7. Take up housework like laundry or getting groceries for the week

8. Join a class to learn things you always wanted to- chess, guitar, baking, gardening

9. Plan your entrepreneurial journey if you that appeals to you

10. Start a blog that can give the world a piece of your knowledge one post at a time

What are the things on your list? Share it with the readers and check out what others have on their list.