And It’s A Century!! Suman May 13, 2016

And It’s A Century!!

Wuhoo!! Soft Skills Studio is 100 posts old this week! And what an incredible journey it has been! But I won’t bore you with the history of how it all happened! You can read some of the story here: The story so far and the year end report card will give you a fair idea of the journey this blog has been through.

For this milestone post, I thought of going to the community – bloggers, readers, trainers – that helped get this blog here and ask them to share what they thought about it. And despite the short notice I gave them, it has been so heart warming to see the responses come in in no time! Here you go:

The first one is from Milind Kher – no, we are not related 🙂 – who’s been a mentor and guide through the low points of this journey. And I know I can always count on him.

“We just love centuries. Congrats on scoring that, Suman!! Your blog posts indeed make a difference.”

Milind Kher, CEO, HQ, Mumbai

“100 is not just a number but a milestone that showcases the passion and dedication. Kudos to Suman for creating this amazing platform to connect, learn and share.”

Kunjal Kamdar, a dear friend from social media insists on calling himself a fan of the blog in this post. 🙂

“I have seen this blog from scratch, literally. Consistency and continuous improvement – that’s what I like about this blog.

Darshan Gajara, Product Designer, Wishberry, Mumbai

Darshan has been the engineer of this blog and efficiently took care of the technical aspects of setting it up.

“Suman’s blog posts have a stamp of class. She writes what’s practical and her posts are written with effortless ease. There is something speacial in every piece and I enjoy reading them – sometimes, more than once. I have had the honour of meeting Suman ad featuring her at – a platform for inspirational women”

Ashish Bhardwaj, Representative of We Are The City from Delhi who got in touch with me for the interview in We Are The City.

“Your writing is so genuine and full of passion that it gives the most engaging reading experience! The research is thorough and demonstrates the kind of deep thinking that is going in writing each word. Keep up the great work!”

Abhishek Ratna, author of the best seller, No Parking, No Halt, Success Non Stop

“I came across Suman’s blog on Facebook and found that there was a lot of information in it that my students could use. As a professor in a college, I have always wished we could have formal programs for students to help them with communication and soft skills. Now I recommend this blog to them.

Geetanjali Singh, Asst Professor, Kirori Mal College, Delhi

As you can see, this blog has struck a chord with people across cities and professions. And it has been my constant endeavour to write about aspects of communication and soft skills which can be useful to everyone. Expect sparks of brilliance to continue across all social media platforms of the blog. There are also lots of other exciting stuff in store like free coaching sessions, a whole new training calendar and more posts that will keep you hooked on to the blog. To keep up with all the action, like my Facebook page, which crossed 500 likes this week or follow me on Twitter. Or subscribe to the blog on the home page so that new posts arrive straight into your inbox!

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the exciting ride ahead! 🙂