25 of the Best Quotes to Simplify Your Life | Inc.com Suman May 26, 2016

25 of the Best Quotes to Simplify Your Life | Inc.com

There is always more work and less time. There is always more stuff than space to put it in. There are always more dreams than opportunities to fulfil them. While we rush around to plug the gaps in life, we go through stress and negativity. How about taking a step back and looking at what it is that is making our life so complex and busy! I’m sure there are things we can scratch off our to-do lists, old stuff we can give away, find more time for our hobbies, take time out to unwind with family, put our priorities in a better perspective and simplify life further.

Although, a simpler life isn’t a quick and easy process, we can start with one step at a time. For some additional motivation to get you started, I have 25 awesome quotes here from Plato to Steve Jobs – sharing their idea of a simple life. Pick the one that appeals to you the best and follow it in your life. Let this be your first step towards a simple life.

Simplicity: Less stuff, less work, less negativity, equals more time, more joy, more success. In the end, less equals more.

Source: 25 of the Best Quotes to Simplify Your Life | Inc.com

My favourite quote is No. 4! When we look around, it’s the non essentials that take up most of the time and space in our minds and around us. Cutting out every non essential that complicates my life seems like a worthy goal to aim for.

Tell me which one is your favourite and why it appeals to you. I’d love to hear how your experiment with simplifying life went. Drop me a line below.