3 Tips To Nailing Your Business Presentation: Business Insider Suman July 19, 2016

3 Tips To Nailing Your Business Presentation: Business Insider

We make presentations all the time. Whether it is to pitch business to new clients or report sales figures to our seniors. And there is reams and reams written on what can be done to make a presentation interesting. Some tips work, some don’t. But what if the world’s best tells us what works! I found this short but very useful video by Danajaya Hettiarachichi on 3 specific things that can help you make an impactful presentation. Dananjaya who, you ask? Then you just have to watch this award winning speech by the world champion of Public Speaking, 2014.

Here are also the 3 tips to nail your business presentation from his Business Insider video. Watch the amazing video here:

A public speaking champion reveals 3 keys to nailing your business presentation

The points covered are:

1. Follow the process: Write your presentation script first and then make your powerpoint. The logic: Making the ppt first will only end up with essay-like content on each slide. If you do it after the script, you can choose what goes on the slide.

Include a few stories in your script. Personal stories, success stories – anything that can make the presentation interesting. The logic: “Stories Sell” and keeps the audience engaged.

2. Have a discussion: This one applies especially for technical workshops. Have a discussion every few minutes. Show your slide, present your points and generate a discussion. This helps get the two-way communication going.

3. Don’t pack too much: If you have more information to give, send a report later or give as handouts. Don’t try to squeeze everything into your slides or your speech/presentation. Do just enough to create curiosity and establish credibility of your brand and organisation.

I am sure these points will help you nail your next presentation. Watch this space and I have more such useful and amazing videos that share quick tips on getting improving your communication and body language.