Introducing: 5 Important Steps To Become a Confident Speaker Suman January 4, 2017

Introducing: 5 Important Steps To Become a Confident Speaker

The ability to speak well is a power that has galvanised nations and made history that we look up to even today. Spoken words can wield their power to inspire, inform, motivate, persuade, teach, make an impact, transform a career, start a revolution, change the course of a start up, enlighten others about your ideas, get a promotion..and the list is endless!

What is it that scares you about speaking before people? What to say? How do I say it? What if people laugh? What if I forget my lines? What if I need to speak impromptu? What do I do with my hands? Why does it make me so conscious? Find answers to all these and a lot more!

This program is not just about presentation skills or public speaking. Making an impact with your words and the way you deliver them goes way beyond this. And applies to so many situations of our life. A project meeting with your seniors, pepping up your team, pitching your business to investors, fighting for a social cause or putting forward the residents’ point of view in an association meeting under your building.

Welcome to 5 ESSENTIAL STEPS TO BECOMING A CONFIDENT SPEAKER IN ANY SITUATION – India’s only personalised and customized soft skills program delivered to you  one-to-one by a certified trainer.

How is it personalised

– It starts with a one-to-one breakthrough session where you get 20 minutes of exclusive time with me.

– We take a discovery journey together to discuss your areas of concern and your speaking goals.

– This serves not just for me to understand what you want but also be able to recommend steps that you can work on.

– Next comes recommendations of steps that you should take to work on your specific areas of concern.

How is it customised?

– Select one or all the steps in the program that you need the most

– Choose between personal and virtual methods of delivery

– Train with a dedicated coach working exclusively with you

– Intensive and focussed only on areas you want to improve

– Extended practice till you feel confident about


– your current competency level in speaking

– understand your fears of public speaking and how to overcome them

– how to find your speaking goals and get started on them

– 5 important steps to write and the deliver the best speech

– 15 interesting speaking tools to wow your audience

– The essential steps to delivering a memorable speech

– 3 most important speaking situations and how to be super successful at them

– Extended practice and feedback for extra confidence


  • Step by step approach to building your speaking skills – for any situation
  • A road map to continued learning through practice
  • A certified coach working exclusively with you
  • Activities, handouts, templates and check lists to apply your learning and using them for actual speaking situations
  • A choice of personal or virtual delivery methods
  • Content put together from the best of online and offline sources
  • Brilliant online resources and bibliography from the best in the field


A VIP Day is india’s first such delivery method where soft skills training is delivered one-to-one. It is unique because it is

  • an intensive, focussed and result oriented program for a day
  • centered on your areas of improvement
  • a dedicated coach just for you
  • virtual or personal mode of delivery – your choice!

Watch this space to know more about the specifics of what the program covers. In the next post, You can look at the 5 steps to becoming a confident speaker in this post.

This is the first time in the country that you can train on soft skills with a personal coach of your own. What are you waiting for? If you wish to take your speaking skills to the next level, drop me a line and I can schedule a free 20 minute discovery session to discuss your needs.