#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal: Soft Skills From A to Z Suman March 31, 2017

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal: Soft Skills From A to Z

I know I’ve decided to jump in only this week and should have written this post as soon as I made that decision. Anyways, here I am with my first A to Z challenge and I will be talking about 26 soft skills with tips on how to improve them. Here are more details about the roller coaster on this blog in the next 4 weeks:

What is A to Z?

Since this is the first time I am taking up this challenge, I’d like to quickly apprise the readers on what this challenge is about. The A to Z challenge is an annual blogging event where people blog on a theme of their choice. The topic of each post begins with one letter of the alphabet and hence there are 26 posts in the month.

You can read more about it on the official blog of the A to Z challenge.

My theme

Keeping with the theme of this blog, I will be talking about soft skills and communication. Each blog post will be about a skill starting from consecutive letters of the alphabet. Since there are so many skills, I have tried to pick the ones that are useful to every one. For instance, P could stand for presentation skills or public speaking. But I’ve chosen Professionalism. I think there is enough information online about the presentation and I just finished a series on speaking skills on this blog. And since I could choose only 26 skills, I think professionalism is a skill which needs more focus than the other two.

What to expect?

In each post, you will find the skill explained. There could be different ways a skill is perceived and I want to set a standard definition to it so that we can work around it. There’ll definitely be tips on how to get better at that skill. I’m going to include examples, stories, research and other relevant information to set more context to a skill.

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What should you do? 

Subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss any post. Read the posts and tell me what you think in your comments. I can always add aspects of a skill you’d like be to talk about. And don’t forget to share the posts with others through the social sharing buttons just at the end of the post.

Even though this is last minute, thanks to a dear blogger friend, I have finally taken the plunge. And boy! Am I excited!! And glad that I’m doing this. So, see you tomorrow with a skill that begins with ‘A’. Any guesses?