Thank You For The Highest Ever Views On The Blog! Suman October 4, 2017

Thank You For The Highest Ever Views On The Blog!

Soft Skills Studio was started as a blog to share my experiences in training and expertise in skill building. After a lot of research, I figured that there was need for a training blog that talks about skill building tips and other related areas. And it has been 3 eventful years – it completed 3 years recently – and I have written about a variety of topics related to communication and soft skills. From the series on speaking skills and vocabulary building to stand alone posts on productivity, listening skills, writing skills, effective communication, training, coaching. There have been book reviews, event reviews, Twitter activity updates, TED videos and what not! In fact, it is hard to capture the essence of the blog in a few lines. And yesterday, on 3rd October, the readers proved that the effort that goes into writing this blog is indeed worthwhile! The blog got the highest ever views on a single day, in 3 years. And there’s another interesting thing about this piece of statistic…

Some of the posts seem to be favourites with the readers. And I want to share these darling posts with you. To begin with the reason for this celebration – 172 people visited the blog which resulted in 313 views, 203 of which are from the US alone!

The interesting factoid is that the posts that got the highest hits yesterday are also usually the highest viewed every time the stats spike! Now, only an expert can interpret this for me since I am not one. But without much ado, I’d like to share the top three highest viewed posts that led to the highest views for the day, yesterday:

1. How to start a career as a corporate trainer: I wrote this post as a response to many people who reached out to me on email and Linkedin asking about this career. So I decided to put together a post with all the information an aspiring trainer might need to start off. While this was the highest viewed post yesterday, this is also the 2nd most viewed post on my blog garnering 8344 views since it was written in June 2015.

2. 5 ways to listen better: TED talk by Julian Treasure: This brilliant TED talk by Julian Treasure is a great resource to become better listeners. And in the noisy world that we live in, this talk is even more relevant. Julian talks about how to reset our listening and be able to shut out extra noise from our consciousness. Even this post is quite frequently read with a total of 5234 views since I wrote it.

3. 8 principles of good writing that you should master: This is actually the highest viewed post on the blog with a whopping 14333 views in all. It goes to show how frequently people look for resources to improve their writing skills. And in times of short and sweet communication on social media, working on writing skills has become even more important. The emails to clients still need to be formal and cannot b wrten lke ths! And hence the need to develop good writing skills.

I also want to say that these stats may not seem very impressive compared to some other blogs. But this is a niche blog unlike staples like food, lifestyle or fashion. Readers come to my blog to learn something and hence are less likely to contribute as comments too.

I’d like to end by thanking everyone for being around as loyal readers and supporters of all the work that goes into maintaining this blog and coming up with content on a regular basis. I hope you keep coming back and help me keep up with your expectations.