Public Speaking: 3 Excellent Books On Mastering The Art Suman December 18, 2018

Public Speaking: 3 Excellent Books On Mastering The Art

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another video from Soft Skills Studio. Do you ever watch TED talks and think – Wow! I wish I was that confident in front of people! Did you know that even Warren Buffet had stage fright? The father of communication, Dale Carnegie himself grappled with fear of public speaking which led him to not just master the skill but also write books to help others.

Public Speaking is an art that comes with learning and practice. And modelling the best is one of the more effective ways to do it. Watch videos, read books and practice the concepts.

In this video, I am talking about 3 excellent books on public speaking that can help you take your speaking skills to the next level.

1. The first book is Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo. This book is a distilled version of lessons we can learn from hundreds of hours of TED talks. My favourite part of this book is how it is divided into 3 neat sections, which are further divided into 3 sub sections. It uses the power of three in a wonderful way.

Learn more about: concept of three in communication

2. The next book is Confessions of a Professional Speaker by Scott Berkun. Berkun has been a professional speaker for a long time and he shares all his wisdom in his book. My favourite part is the chapter full of practical advice about what to do when things go wrong – which makes a lot of sense of learners like you and me.

3. The third one is TED Talks by Chris Anderson. And who better than the chairman of TED Talks himself to learn public speaking from. My favourite chapter in this book is the one on speaking tools where he talks about tools to connect with the audience, narration among other things.

Do you have any favourite books on public speaking? Do share in the comments below.

You can look up some more books that I have recommended here and here.

If you wish to work with a coach on your speaking skills, I have a 5 step program that can take your speaking skills to the next level. What makes this program unique is that it let’s you start working from where you are.

5 steps

It is personalised:

– It starts with a one-to-one breakthrough session where you get 20 minutes of exclusive time with me.

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– This serves not just for me to understand what you want but also be able to recommend steps that you can work on.

– Next comes recommendations of steps that you should take to work on your specific areas of concern.

It is customised?

– Select one or all the steps in the program that you need the most

– Choose between personal and virtual methods of delivery

– Train with a dedicated coach working exclusively with you

– Intensive and focussed only on areas you want to improve

– Extended practice till you feel confident

How is it delivered?

A VIP Day is india’s first such delivery method where soft skills training is delivered one-to-one. It is unique because it is

  • an intensive, focussed and result oriented program for a day
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What do you get?

  • Step by step approach to building your speaking skills – for any situation
  • A road map to continued learning through practice
  • A certified coach working exclusively with you
  • Activities, handouts, templates and check lists to help apply your learning in actual speaking situations
  • A choice of personal or virtual delivery methods
  • Content put together from the best of online and offline sources
  • Brilliant online resources and bibliography from the best in the field

But it all starts with a 20 minute free discovery session with me. During the session, you can share the kind of speaking situations you face. That will help us discover the areas of improvement and then we can discuss the best action plan that will work for you. Drop me a comment here or mail me on and let’s get the conversation started.

You can learn more about the 5 steps in this post.


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