Video: How To Begin A Presentation With A Bang Suman January 9, 2019

Video: How To Begin A Presentation With A Bang

The lights are off!

The ppt projector is bright behind you putting you in semi darkness.

And people are squinting to see you clearly.

That’s how most presentations start.

But what if you’d change this time honoured tradition of boring presentations and do something unique – start with a bang instead!


There are so many simple tools to be able to do that. But before we discuss them, we need to understand why is the beginning so important and even more critical to grab attention of the audience. First, the audience might be present physically but as a speaker, you need to get them into the room mentally also. Secondly, a dramatic beginning can help you forge the desired connect with the listeners. And lastly, a powerful start to a presentation also clearly declares that this isn’t an average boring talk but something the audience can look forward to.

Now that we have put that into perspective, let’s see how you can achieve this through some simple tools.


I think this is the most critical thing to do when you start a presentation. Don’t let the powerpoint behind you shine brighter than you do. Ensure that the lights are on you and people can clearly see who the real hero of the presentation is. Talk to the audience, introduce yourself and your topic. And switch to ppts only when you need to show something.


Some of the other effective tools that you can use are:

JOKE: I know work presentations are not a joke. But who doesn’t appreciate a good sense of humour – especially people who expect presentations to be boring! The only caveat here is to ensure you are comfortable with being funny. Forcing yourself will only back fire.

ANECDOTE/STORYWe are tuned to perk up at the words, “Once upon a time…” Anecdotes work the best since they tend to be short and to the point. Use personal or work stories to create a connect. 

QUESTIONS: Something as simple as show of hands or a agree/disagree question is a great tool to use. It keeps the audience engaged and also serves to bring people mentally back to the present moment. This tip can be used at any point in the presentation to break the monotony of your speech.

There are at 15 such tools that you can use. Here is a list of more simple and practical tools that can transform your presentation skill.

If you want to add pizzazz to your presentations and make them stand out, I can help you:

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You can check out the series on becoming a confident speaker here

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