8 Simple Tips To Handle a Stress Interview Suman July 24, 2019

8 Simple Tips To Handle a Stress Interview

Interviews, at any juncture of life, lead to stress. And if you are a fresh graduate just about to take your first steps into the real world, this can be even more so.

But what happens if the interviewer tries to make it deliberately stressful? Don’t worry! This is just a tactic to test your patience. And if handled well, it can go in your favour. Here are a few tips to help you handle the situation:

1. Don’t panic: I know it is easy to say that. But most of the time the grilling has nothing to do with the answers you give. It is to test your patience and the level of stress you can handle before breaking down – if you break down at all.

2. Don’t take it personally: The interviewers might try to make it personal by saying you don’t deserve the job if you don’t know the answer. Don’t let that get to you. You can say something like – I think I am sufficiently qualified to start working. I can always learn things that I don’t know since I am a quick learner.

Take your time and compose your thoughts for a few seconds before you start answering

3. Don’t be in a hurry to answer: Take your time. A couple of seconds before you start speaking will help you arrange your thoughts and sound confident.

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4. Don’t argue: Never get into who’s right or wrong even if you know the interviewers are wrong. You can just say: I thought I was right but I can check the right answer later. Maybe you are correct at the moment and I’ll accept it.

5. Remain calm: This is also easier said than done. But this is the key to passing the stress test. At some point you might feel like it is not going any where and you will lose the job anyways. But stick with it some more. Try your best.

Be calm during a stress interview and project confident body language

6. Prepare well: This is for the prep stage. Be thorough with your subject and read up on current affairs. The chance of the interviewer pushing you in a corner reduces with better prep. Even if they try to prove you wrong, you can concede to avoid a battle of ego but you’d know you are right – and so will the interviewer.

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7. Use confident body language: Generally your body language is an indicator of your mental state. If you start to slump in your seat, it’s a clear indication that you are giving up. But sit upright consciously and keep your head high to feel confident and project confidence. Smile – one of the simplest ways to feel and show you are in control.

It is scientifically proven that one can use confident body language to feel confident too

You can also use the strength of power pose before yo get into the interview room for that extra boost!

8. Thank the interviewer at the end: You can do this only if you stick till the end. And this is a great way to show your confidence and end it well. You could say something like – this was a tough interview and I have done my best. I hope you will consider me fit for the job.

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