Video Post: How To Be More Effective On Virtual Calls Suman November 24, 2020

Video Post: How To Be More Effective On Virtual Calls

Camera angle and lighting are the most important things for your visibility in the virtual world!

We all know the basics but we still get it wrong – so I’ve tried to demonstrate it in the video above.

✅ Make sure your camera angle is at eye level

✅ Don’t show people the ceiling of your room

✅ There should be a full finger distance between your head and the edge of the screen

✅ The light source should be in front of you so that it lights up your face without leaving shadows around your eyes

For tips on how to get the set up right, watch the video till the end!

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Since work from home is officially the new normal, online meetings are here to stay.

We are getting used to them – probably being mute and invisible is working out fine for us too! ?

However, to make virtual meetings as productive and useful as physical ones – here are a few tips:

? TAKE 5: Give 5 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for people to share what’s on top of their mind. This is like the “what’s up” bonding time of the physical meeting.

?ASSIGN ROLES: If possible, have everyone play a role in the meeting. This way each one will be involved.

? 10 MINUTE MEETINGS: A set time slot ensures that we quickly get on with the agenda without wasting time

? BAN THE MUTE FEATURE: I know this seems drastic since we work from home with a myriad sounds around us – watch the video to know why this will all the difference to your virtual meetings

Tell me what have you been doing to make your virtual meetings more productive!

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