Video Series: How to Power Up Your Virtual Communication


Virtual communication is here to stay!

Even when things get back to normal, some of the lessons that the pandemic taught us are likely to change a few things forever. And one of them is – we can get a lot done online.

Offices aren’t going back to full capacity. Some employees will continue to work from home and stay connected online.

People won’t be traveling to head offices or client locations to get meetings done. The preliminary sales calls will get done on Zoom and travelling expenses will be incurred only when essential.

Corporates have found online trainings easier to organise with no travel expenses and yet covering employees at different locations.

Given these circumstances, it isn’t wrong to assume that being a virtual communication ninja is a requisite for success in the coming times.

Keeping this in mind, I have already been covering a lot of tips to help you stay ahead in the communication game.

Here’s another video series to keep you on top of your communication game.

Zoom super power # 1: Look into my eyes!

The tips in this series might seem simple but they definitely are super powers when it comes to effectively communicating online.

If I charged a nickel for every time I reminded people of the first one, I’d have enough for a gift neatly tied in a bow!

Watch the video and really think about where you look during a virtual call!

(Zoom is used as a generic name for all virtual communication tools)

Zoom super power # 2: is right in your hands! ?

You set the camera right and do your best to communicate effectively ?

Still something is missing – another challenge of communicating on a screen! ?

When we talk sitting in front of people – instead of a camera – we are a whole package. ?‍♀️

The body language, our sitting posture, the way we point at things on the ppt etc.

But with a limited frame in virtual communication, we are reduced to mostly talking heads. ?

Watch the video to know one of the simplest things you can do on camera to become an effective communicator.



Zoom super power # 3: Stand up!

When the world became all virtual due to the pandemic, I wasn’t very happy.

Training in front of a computer cramped my original style

I couldn’t project energy that I usually would. Each session left me more exhausted.

And then I came across this tip – stand up when you present – at least for the important presentations.

I try to do that now – in fact, this series is the first one shot standing up.

I opened my tripod to match my height and eye level and voila! I enjoyed making these videos the most!

Propping your laptop to match your height may not be practical… but if you want to stand out and make your mark, it is worth the trouble!

I can assure you that this will make a huge difference to the confidence and effectiveness with which you communicate online.

Zoom super power # 4: Make way for 2-way communication

Most people are on mute during Zoom calls.

And while someone is talking or making a presentation, the communication becomes one-way.

People don’t want to interrupt and you did not specify if they can contribute while you are presenting.

This super power is to open the 2-way communication channel through the chat feature so that others in your team don’t have to wait till you come to a stop!

Communication is more effective when it is 2-way!

With a little practice, you will be able to keep up with the chats as they ping.

Or you can leave some time at the end to address these comments and questions – just like you would if people were actually sitting in front of you.

To sum up the series:

Zoom super power # 1: Make eye contact
Zoom super power # 2: Use hand gestures
Zoom super power # 3: Stand up while presenting
Zoom super power # 4: Keep 2-way communication going

Which is your favourite tip here?

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