My First Course on Udemy is Live! Suman May 20, 2021

My First Course on Udemy is Live!

Aaaand it’s here and it’s approved! After weeks of working through the course creation process, my course was finally approved today!

The course is on a topic that people often ask me about – how to write an effective elevator pitch

Intro to the course

Imagine you are in an elevator with Narayan Murthy! Or attending a conference with Bill Gates and found yourself sitting next to him! Come on! these situations are possible!

And the inevitable question pops up – what do you do? You either fumble not knowing what to say or launch into a lengthy description of some boring details about your job!

Both aren’t great ways to making use of the opportunity presented to you!

Whether you want to talk about yourself in a memorable manner or pitch your business idea, an elevator pitch would set you up to make the most of this opportunity.

Think of the last time you were at a a networking event. You took a lap around the room and spoke to 15 people! But 30 minutes later, you can’t recall anyone specifically.

Every one sounds the same and looks the same!

How do we remedy the situation? Is there a way to leave a memorable impression on people?

Writing a one-line introduction of yourself that’s catchy and interesting isn’t that hard! But you need to put in the right thought into it.

Content of the course

In this course, you will learn practical steps on how to write an effective and memorable pitch.

You will learn, in detail:

– How to create a memorable first impression every time you meet someone new

– Writing and edit your first draft

– How to practice and deliver your pitch with impact

– How to choose the right follow up to continue to conversation

In the bonus section, you will learn the basics of how to put together an elevator pitch for investors.

– Why is a an effective pitch critical for investor meetings

– How to put together an executive summary of your pitch

– How to use the power of communication to stand out in the meetings

– Why do pitches fail and how to fix them

About Me!

Hi! I am Suman Kher and I have been a soft skills and communication trainer for 18 years now. I have an international trainer certification from Dale Carnegie and and Advanced train the trainer from IIM, Indore. During my career spanning 18 years I have trained corporate teams and individual professionals across industries and locations.

Apart from certifications in NLP and social media, I also have a certificate in Dynamic Public Speaking from the University of Washington.

I am passionate about communication skills and truly believe that effective communication is the key to unlock the doors of career advancement.

What you’ll learn
  • Create a memorable first impression and stand out in the crowd
  • Build your pitch step by step through the course
  • Deliver your pitch effectively and with impact
  • Bonus section: How to write an effective pitch for investor funding
  • How to stand out at investor meetings
  • Why do investor pitches fail and how to fix them
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • The zeal to learn
Who this course is for
  • Anyone looking at creating a memorable first impression at networking events
  • Professionals who want to clearly and concisely tell people what they do
  • Entrepreneurs who want to work on fine tuning their investor pitch
Discount code

Here is the link to the course with discount code for 49% applied: How to write an effective elevator pitch 

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