How To Get Your Dream Job Suman June 6, 2021

How To Get Your Dream Job


Akshay has been applying to jobs all over the place.

He is qualified, fairly confident and he thinks he interviews well too. But still the calls don’t get converted into successful offers. He keep wondering what goes wrong!

In this Linkedin Live, I have a few tips that might help you polish your interview skills and achieve success. This post sums up the recording, although I’d encourage you to watch the session too.

Tip #1: Ace Virtual Communication

Since there is no choice but to communicate on camera, it is a critical skill to develop.

Interviews sitting across the table can be very different from sitting on the other side of the camera.

Here are a few key things to take care of when it comes to nailing the basics of virtual communication

1. Lighting

No, you don’t need a professional studio setting. At the same time, don’t plonk yourself in any corner of your house.

Being clearly visible is very critical when it comes to successful communication on camera.  Find a place that is well lit or better still, sit in front of a light source.

2. Camera angle

The lens of the camera are your eyes in a virtual setting. When you look straight at it, you are making eye contact with the person talking to you.

So pay attention to where your camera is placed. If you look down at it, your entire body language will go for a toss.

So try to prop up your phone/laptop higher so that the camera is at the eye level.

Do a trial run and get it right before the interview. If possible, use this set up every time so you don’t have to redo it every time before an interview.

3. Background

This is an important thing but I also understand that all of may not have the luxury of separate work spaces. Or have aesthetic paintings hanging on our walls.

When in doubt, always sit against a plain background with the light in front of you.

Here is a video series on how to power up your virtual communication

4. Voice Modulation

Final tip – work on your voice modulation!

In the absence of body language, projecting your voice is important. Effective voice modulation is the key to creating the desired impact.

In short, get great with virtual communication.

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Tip #2: Build your brand

1. A Linkedin profile

…that’s complete and active!

In the absence of offline networking events, everyone looks up online profiles. In fact, they looked it up online even before the pandemic.

So a profile on Linkedin that has all the information about you could be your virtual resume that people can look up.

2. Online engagement

Unlike websites, online social profiles need to have some activity. Comment on other people’s posts, publish some of your own content about your skills and interests.

This is a great addition to your candidature when you appear for interviews. A well-maintained Linkedin profile is like extra time for the interviewer to spend getting to know you.

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3. Be original

One of the most common things that students ask me is – what’s the right answer to a particular question?

I don’t think there is a specific answer to any question. As long as it answers the question correctly, it can have your unique stamp on it. In fact, I recommend it. Don’t try to fit in with the way all answers should be.

The question that creates the most confusion is – What is your weakness?

The simple thing is to think of something – that’s not to harmful – and make it realistic. It’s okay to have a weakness and it only makes us human!

Watch the Live recording to get answers to audience questions:

How to deal with questions like:

– What are your weaknesses?

– Why you left your previous company?

– What are a few things to prioritise in an interview in a domain shift?

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