How To Make Your Introduction Unique Suman July 5, 2021

How To Make Your Introduction Unique

Placement season is upon us! And it’s more challenging for the second consecutive year with no offline campus visits and interviews on camera.

While students aren’t prepared by academics for offline interviews, their online presence only makes that lack of preparation more glaring.

And I find that people miss the mark right from the time they introduce themselves.

I have already written a longer post on What not to do in your introduction and recently I posted a series on introducing yourself on YouTube.

The first video is about getting the mundane out of your introduction. You can watch it here.

The other videos in the series cover:

– How to make your intro unique

– Think of your intro like a conversation

– Why is a unique intro important

– How not to introduce yourself

You can watch all of them in the playlist

Here is a post on 13 things you can’t neglect in placement interviews 

I also did a Linkedin Live on getting your dream job. You can watch it here

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