9 Incredible LessonsI Learnt From The Linkedin Creator Accelerator Program Suman July 11, 2022

9 Incredible LessonsI Learnt From The Linkedin Creator Accelerator Program

I have been lucky enough to be a part of an exclusive program from Linkedin!

With nervous anticipation before and intense activity since the beginning of the program, we are at Week 5 already! It is great to back to being a student – taking notes, reworking my content and checking out how it does.

Warning: This is a mix of lessons and observations and without quibbling over terminology or attempting the separate the two, I am just going to jump in:

# 1 Being a content creator still feels weird

This program made me realise that we have moved on from personal branding in its purest form to building communities through content. Ah! This is one eye-opening lesson for me!

From a trainer to a content creator, I am still getting a hang of it!

# 2 Authenticity re-defined

This is another big one – Linkedin is a work platform but our authentic selves shine through when we include personal stories and experiences.

This is still outside my comfort zone since I am so used to talking about tips and techniques that are work related. With time, I should feel confident sharing personal stories that relate to my work area.

Connecting personal stories to what we do is important for me.

# 3 You can learn new rules at any age and stage.

When I learnt the rules of content and branding in 2014, it was a different world. I re-learnt stuff in 2018 when I truly understood how Linkedin works.

This is yet another chapter in re-learning content creation based on the new rules – for lack of a better word – of engagement.

Learning never ends and we’ve got to be open to new avenues

# 4 Find the boundaries of your authenticity

I did not post anything on #PrideMonth because it would be inauthentic for me to jump in just because it was trending!

So there is a fine line between projecting ourselves as well rounded people who have views on everything important and holding back when it really doesn’t feel authentic.

Don’t jump into any topic, conversation or trend just for the sake of!

# 5 Content schedule is a moving target

I have been creating and scheduling content around skills for 8 years now. The trends didn’t matter much, given my habit of not sharing much apart from the topics I have expertise on.

But this program has taught me to

leave room for topical content ideas.

My content was scheduled for the week, when I got to know that 30th June was #MyWFH day.

I moved my content for the week forward to and made space for this one.

Check out #MyWFH desk video here

# 6 Stay true to your real goals

After the initial chaos, what kept me grounded was holding on to the reasons why I create content on Linkedin.

200 creators with different strategies and different goals was a bit too much to reconcile. And getting back to the basics helped.

So no matter what kind of content you create, stay true to your original intent and purpose of doing it.

# 7 You have to let things go

The first week was the most intense for me.

Trying to know the other creators, keeping up with the chatter in the WA group and constantly second guessing myself.

But then I realised I can’t connect and learn from all the other 199 creators.

I can’t keep track with everyone’s strategies and try to borrow from them

I also realised that one can’t use all the formats at our disposal.

I found sanity in letting go…of a lot!

Based on my goals, I have stuck to things that work for me and let go of the rest. It is very easy to jump into the rat race and try to keep up with others.

# 8 Track stats and check out what’s working

The first time someone suggested I do this, in 2016, I groaned aloud at the effort! You mean track each piece of content to see how it did? Are you crazy?!

But over the years I have realised it’s important. I am also using this 10-week project to experiment with different formats and see what works best. Terry Rice, the alumni from the US cohort helped us understand his strategy which involved doing this.

The moral: Do more of what’s popular and leave the rest

# 9 At the end of the day, keep your head above water

This is, by far, the most important lesson!

It’s very easy to get caught up in full time content creation – ideas, views, impressions etc.

But I am also a trainer and an entrepreneur. I have clients who need my time, blog that needs updated, session plans to be made – all other things that lead me to do what I love most – coach and train!

So carving time out for content while using the rest of it for other activities is very important. I have become very mindful of that.

Overall, the program has already opened my mind to different angles from which content can be approached. And I look forward to including these observations in my content.

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