Part 2: 3 Practical Strategies To Ace Post Lay Off Interview (includes video) Suman December 9, 2022

Part 2: 3 Practical Strategies To Ace Post Lay Off Interview (includes video)

I have been writing a series of posts on handling layoffs and this is the second one in the series.

You can read the first one here: 6 strategies to handle a layoff

In today’s post I am going to talk about 3 practical things you can do to move on and start looking for a job.

1. List of qualities and skills

It’s a new opportunity to re-assess your skills. It may be a while since you did it and this is great time.

Pick up a piece of paper or your favourite note taking app and list all the qualities and skills you bring to the table.

Also write down all the important projects you’ve been a part of. Write the successful results you’ve been able to achieve through your skills in these projects.

Some examples of qualities include enthusiastic, social, passionate, love for design or coding, good at marketing or sales.

Some examples of skills include – ability to close sales, problem solving, efficient delegation to manage time better, handle a difficult situation or difficult conversations.

These are the things that you bring to the table.

Based on the above dossier, you can start working on a new version of who you are.

As I mentioned in the last post, the layoffs aren’t personal. You could have been in the line of firing despite fantastic performance. So don’t let that diminish your great work.

2. Think of stories to support your achievements

The lost of qualities and skills that you made is for your reference. It’s then time to weave them into stories and anecdotes that really tie them in together.

It’s important to show how you achieved those results. Think of specific instances that show your skills in action and how that helped achieve the results you were expected to deliver.

Think of top 3 projects, maybe, top 3 things that you’ve accomplished in line with the profile you are applying for.

For example, I was promoted and made in-charge of 6 people to work with.

I had to deal with tight deadlines in the last project but I was able to deliver results on time through careful planning and sticking to the time lines.

Concrete examples only add strength to your candidature.

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3. Learn to tell that story

Your delivery is key!

Just saying I’m into coding or designing doesn’t make any sense. Rattling off your results mechanically won’t help either. You need to add some meat into it.

Add a story that weaves your talent into it. Garnish with more details, cull it out, create a beginning and an end.

Start with the problem and show how you brought it to the solution. Which qualities helped you do that. And how you contribute better in the role applied for because of these experiences.

Even plain dishes can be made delicious through the right garnish. Same is the case with presenting your stories to convince the interviewer.

Mind you, I am not asking you to fluke your way to a job. Just present your credentials in an interesting manner so that the layoff fades in the background and you are seen as a worthy candidate.

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