March 2023: An Update Post Suman March 14, 2023

March 2023: An Update Post

Hi everyone! I decided to do an update post as we hit the end of the first quarter.

I am also trying to be more connected to my readers. I want to make all major announcements here and then take you to my social media.

So before I start my side of the story, what have you been upto?

Here are some exciting updates from Linkedin and other things I have been upto to help you build brilliant communication skills.

I have a couple of great news to share with you to begin with!


The year started with me being among the Linkedin Top Voices 2023 for Career Growth and Job search.

This was a great validation for all the content I have been creating around communication, which is a key career skill.

As a Top Voice for the category, I’ll continue posting content on how to stay ahead in your career through key soft skills.

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This year also started with me becoming a part of a new Linkedin initiative – the India Campus Knowledge Program.

This initiative is specifically aimed at students and people in their 20s. And content on Linkedin can benefit them.

From tips on building your personality to cracking interviews, turning internships into full time jobs and skills you should build in your 20s, this initiative covers it all.

With more than 200 student and expert creators posting content around these topics, Linkedin might just be the only finishing school you will need!

You can check out my recent posts here and here.

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One thing that I have started this year is free webinars every fortnight or so. This will help you learn some tips and me, to catch up with you!

In the next one happening on 17th of March, I will be sharing my impromptu speaking blueprint with you.

Register here if you want to ace impromptu speaking situations at work


I also put together a free ebook on articulation. I have a lot of professionals get in touch with me – experienced ones too – who are great in their technical skills.

However, they find themselves stuck at lack of communication skills.

This exhaustive guide covers 9 solid tips to help you become more clear and concise in your articulation.

Download your ebook on how to be more articulate


My community on Linkedin also reached 14K followers. Thanks to the new content I have been creating on Linkedin, I have been able to add so much more value.

I hope you have already connected with me or followed me. If not, let’s connect on Linkedin

I am also posting new videos on YouTube. You can also click here and hit subscribe!

What kind of content or topics would you like me to make in 2023, here and elsewhere on my social media. I’ll be happy to hear from you and add it to my list!