5 Reasons Why Communication Skills Are Key For Women’s Success

Neha (name changed) lost 2 promotions in a row. She was pretty frustrated because she is good at her work.

Aarti (name changed)  is always reluctant to assert herself. Even if she knows the answer, she loses the nerve to speak up.

Roshy (name changed) is poised for a leadership position in her team and finds that communicating with more confidence is something she lacks.

These are just a few examples of conversations that I have with women. And in most cases, it is the lack of communication that holds them back.

Research shows that we are merely 10% among the Fortune 500 CEOs and it took us 68 years to move from 8%!

And we all know that effective communication skills are the key to leadership roles. From women like Michelle Obama to Indra Nooyi, it is their impeccable communication skills, their presence and their ability to speak up that got them to the heights of their careers!

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Not just that, communication skill is a powerful one in today’s corporate work scenario?

According to a survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 86% of employers prefer job applicants with great communication skills. 83% responded that communication skills are a key consideration when employing new employees. 

So no matter which survey we look at, from freshers to leadership roles, it is about communicating confidently. 

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Women, like everyone else, benefit from effective communication because it allows them to advocate for themselves and others. It form long-lasting ties with people and helps grow in both their personal and professional lives.

But personally, it helped me advance my career when became an entrepreneur. I had to talk about my business with confidence and convince people on phone. 

And that’s why I know that these skills can be developed to stay one step ahead and thrive professionally.

Here are 5 more reasons why communication is the key to your success as a woman

1. Express your ideas confidently

Research shows that women tend to hedge when they speak up in high stake situations. Phrases like, “I think”, “I feel”, “I am not sure but…” go against our credibility.

Speaking with confidence right from the time you start speaking is a skill worth learning. Only when you are confident will your audience believe in you.

Tip to build confidence: Work on your voice and body language. Learn to project confidence through them.

2. Build Relationships

Moving up in your career is as much your talent as the people you know on top.

From colleagues to clients, and stakeholders, your ability to communicate well is the key to building strong networks. 

Tip to build a strong network: Ask questions, listen with empathy, and encourage your co-works to express themselves. 

3. Get noticed by higher ups

I believe that there is no right time to make your presence felt. The sooner you get vocal, the faster people will notice you. It’s hard to get promotions when no one knows you exist.

Tip to get noticed: Prepare for every meeting you go to. Make notes during and be vocal about your ideas. Don’t hold back if you are convinced your ideas have substance.

4. Build your personal brand

In today’s corporate world, it is important to create your own brand.

When women have excellent communication skills, they will be able to showcase their skills and experience. They will be more likely to be recognized for future opportunities, as I mentioned earlier. 

Tip to build a personal brand: Practice public speaking to express your skills and experience. It gives you the confidence to stand out from others. 

5. Project leadership

Do you know one of the strongest leadership qualities is effective communication?

Good communication builds trust, which is the foundation for effective leadership.

Communication skills enable leaders to effectively define the goals of team members. 

As a woman, this is even more important. There is a lot of competition on the top and communication is the key to unlock that potential.

Tip to work on leadership: Ask for honest feedback from your team or employees. It will help you to be a better communicator and also your team will feel respected. 

In a nutshell

Communicating effectively means approaching challenges in a better way, negotiating for what you deserve, and developing strong leadership. 

You can empower yourself with this skill to communicate clearly and effectively. 

Ultimately women need great communication skills since it allows them to stand out and achieve their goals. 

Presenting: The Communication Accelerator

Here is something I have exclusively for women – to help you power up your communication and skyrocket to the top!

  • If you are a woman who Is hesitant to speak up
  • You have a lot of ideas but can’t seem to structure them on the spot
  • While you are thinking, you lose the window of opportunity to speak
  • And this is affecting you visibility and authority
  • And then there is self-doubt
  • Being self-conscious about your communication
  • Worried about what others will think about you

We all know that every thing being the same

The Communication Accelerator is the key to add to your skill level and reach your goals

4 action packed weeks where you will learn to:

  • Project confidence and authority in any situation 
  • Structure your thoughts impromptu
  • Articulate your thoughts clearly
  • Elevate your brand
  • Increase visibility by powerfully using your voice 
  • Become confident enough to go after the opportunities you dream of 

Each week covers one important component of articulation

Week 1: Understanding articulation – what makes you articulate and what’s stopping you from being articulate now?

Week 2: How to structure your thoughts

Week 3: How to modulate your voice to make the content more compelling

Week 4: Delivery – learn more about body language, rate of speech and pauses 

What’s inside the 4-week plan?

  •  4×60 minutes of live Zoom sessions
  •  Checklists and exercises with an accountability sheet so that you stay on track
  •  Pre and post assessment videos so you can see the difference 
  •  Weekly challenges to apply your learnings 
  •  Resource sheets and books recommendations for deeper learning
  •  Community support and answers to your questions in real time
  • Personalised feedback to everyone in the cohort

All this for a whopping 80% less than the value of the program. 

You can checkout all the details here and also join the waitlist: The Communication Accelerator

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