4 Simple Questions To Think Of Before An Interview Suman August 27, 2023

4 Simple Questions To Think Of Before An Interview

Do you feel chills before your interview? 

Whether you are experienced or fresher, interviews can be an unnerving experience.

You might have been in a situation where you don’t feel confident about the question asked.

At that moment, you create some sentences in your mind to fill the awkward silence. Those sentences might not make sense later.

I understand the process is pretty intimidating, but the good news is that it is not as hard as it comes across.

Be natural and bring in your passion for the applied job. And, you will be okay!

In this post, I have covered some questions that help you create an impression on the interviewer and take you one step closer to your dream job.

Question 1: How do I know I should apply for a job?

This should be the first and foremost question that you should ask yourself.

Each job should be a stepping stone for your career, so it should be selected carefully. There are some important aspects that you should consider rather than applying randomly.

Let’s jump into the details. Ask yourself:

– Are you qualified?

– Do you have the skills needed to do the job?

– Can you prove your track record through achieved outcomes?

– Does the job meet your expectations of salary, location, work hours, and culture

A fashion major rarely gets into law – Unless you are Elle Woods from Legally Blonde! 🙂

So, if the job is fulfilling for you and you can add value to the organization through your skills, then shoot your resume.

Question 2: How to make a good first impression during a job interview?

According to Forbes, you have 7 seconds to make a great first impression; this duration is long enough for the visual and non-verbal aspects.

So, how you look and present yourself becomes critical.

Job interviews are the showreel of your talent.

So make a lasting impression through a pleasant personality.

The goal should be to leave a positive impression that showcases your skills, qualifications, and personality.

Be confident, make eye contact and show interest.

Here are some pro tips to create a great impression:

– Greet the interviewer with a smile

– Be confident in small talk

– Dress well

– Breathe

A simple example is how people handle small talk.

When asked – how are you – most people tend to give a short answer – fine.

But a more confident handling of that question would be – I’m fine! Thanks for asking. How about you?

Handling it the second way shows more confidence.

At a subconscious level, it is responsible for making snap decisions like first impressions. All of this will register as one unified image of the candidate.

Next comes how you present yourself in those formal clothes. A confident body language can seal the deal before the interview begins.

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Question 3: How should my body language be in an interview?

Your body language shows both confidence and competence.

Most people tend to get stiff with nervousness. An interview becomes a charade of role plays where candidates try to fit the perfect mould.

I believe that the best way to make a good first impression is to be your pleasant self.

Some of the factors that help create that impression are:

– A genuine smile

– A firm handshake

– Maintain eye contact

– A comfortable yet confident posture when you take a seat

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Question 4: How can one handle an unexpected question during a job interview?

Interviewers usually ask unexpected questions to see how you react under pressure.

Will you be able to gather your thoughts to answer on the spot!

The secret to that is confidence.

In my opinion, the interviewer can ask you 2 kinds of unexpected questions.

The ones that are related to your subject expertise and the ones that aren’t.

Ideally, you should know the answers to the ones from your field.

If they don’t come from your areas of expertise in your field, you can always gently direct the interviewer to the topics you know better.

If the question is unexpected because it is not from your field, then it is okay to confidently say that you don’t know the answer.

Never try to bluff your way through an answer. The interviewer can easily figure that out.

Some tips to handle the situation better are:

– Breathe to calm yourself down

– Repeat the question to buy time

– It’s okay to take a moment and gather your thoughts

– When you feel ready, speak confidently

Footnote: If you unexpectedly face a question about your marital status or plans about having children, be polite. Tell them that these are life events and nothing can hold you back from giving your best at the job.

In a nutshell

Preparing for an interview takes a lot of effort, energy, and confidence. From your knowledge to expectations, body language to communication skills, there are many things to pay attention to while going for an interview.

But if you prepare well, you will do a good job!