Newsletter #07: 21 Killer Reasons To Have An Elevator Pitch Suman November 10, 2023

Newsletter #07: 21 Killer Reasons To Have An Elevator Pitch

In this edition: How an elevator pitch makes all the difference | Tip: How to make the pitch effective | Resource: A step-by-step plan

Hey Reader

You’ve been through the room (or Zoom room) listening to people introduce themselves. At the end of 20 minutes, how many people really stand out in your memory?

And if you are drawing a blank, what are the chances that people remember YOU at the end of it all? 


The best way to be memorable in these times of diminishing attention spans is to hit them with a powerful, one-liner that captures the essence of you and what you do! 

Asking too much of just a few words? 

In today’s newsletter, I will show you how an elevator pitch can tip the scales in your favour in any situation. 

Let’s get started! 

21 Killer Reasons To Have An Elevator Pitch


1. First Impressions: It creates a strong and memorable first impression when meeting new people.

2. Ice breaker: It can be a great ice breaker to connect and start a conversation

3. Peak into your personality: Whether you say it with humour or not – it says something about you as a person. 

When I tell people – I am Suman Kher but I am not related to Anupam Kher – it’s an instant ice breaker. Plus, it also brings out some humour in the very first interaction. 

4. Concise intro: Helps convey your key skills and objectives succinctly, saving time in initial conversations.

5. Engaging: Done right, it should capture the listener’s interest, encouraging them to ask follow-up questions.

A common follow-up I get is – What kind of programs do you run? 

6. Confidence Booster: When you create a great first impression and deliver a powerful one-liner, it elevates your credibility

7. Memorable: The whole point of an elevator pitch is to keep it short and memorable. Making yourself stand out this way will have people getting back to you later


8. Clarity: A personal brand is all about how clearly people know what you do. An elevator pitch is great in helping you achieve that clarity

9. Consistency: Ensures a consistent message across different personal and professional interactions. And the more people hear you say the same thing, the better their recall

10. Authenticity: Like I said, an elevator pitch allows you to express your authentic self, attracting like-minded individuals.

11. Reputation Building: A personal brand is also what other people say about you. Repeated and consistent messaging helps build a reputation for your expertise and competence in your field.

12. Online Presence: The consistent messaging applies to all your online profile and bios too. 

13. Networking Tool: It acts as a tool for sharing your personal brand with a wider audience.


14. Customer Engagement: Engages potential customers quickly telling them in a few words what you can do for them

15. Differentiation: It’s a great way to highlight what sets your offering apart from the competitors.

16. Trust Building: When delivered with confidence, it can help establish trust by showing that you understand the customer problem and are clear about your solution

17. Efficiency: Speeds up the sales process by delivering a persuasive message promptly. Repetition of the value proposition helps here too

18. Versatility: One of the hallmarks of an elevator pitch is that it can be tailored to various customer segments and situations, keeping it fresh and relevant 

19: Objection Handling: When your value proposition is clear, reminding the customers of what got them interested in the first place can be valuable in addressing their concerns 


20. Investor pitches: A one-line clear proposition is second to none in impacting investors for that precious funding 

21. Clear Value Proposition: Clearly articulates the benefits of your product or service – which is a straight line to a funding conversation

To sum up: 

An elevator pitch can help you stand out in a sea of mediocre introductions! This is the single most important first step you take towards projecting yourself confidently in the work world. 

Are you ready to take it?


The most important thing to nail an elevator pitch is the delivery! It cannot be a mechanical sentence that you rattle off every time someone says, hello! 

PRO TIP: Create more than one version of your elevator pitch. That way you have different angles, it stays fresh and can stand repetition. 

If you are now thinking how you can go about doing this, the resource of the week is to help you with it all. 


My short course – How to write an effective elevator pitch is a step by step guide that can help you come up with 2-3 versions in just 20 minutes! 

The course has:

– A step by step plan

– Downloadable templates 

– Delivery tips for effectiveness

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: 

– Write your pitch from scratch

– Practise well enough to deliver with impact

– Get feedback from people around and perfect it further

– Customise your pitch to suit different audience 

– Avoid the common mistakes that start up pitches have

And trust me this is one of the best investments you will make for yourself!


I feel conscious when I speak to people for the first time. Especially after being in virtual meetings for so long. How do I feel confident? 

Simple tips include: 

1. Dress for the part: Having lived in our PJs for so long, we are not very comfortable stepping into formal garb with heels 🙂 Find something that’s comfortable, formal and yet makes you feel comfortable. 

2. Work on your elevator pitch: Well! Being tongue tied when you face people isn’t going to impress anyone. But confidently and clearly stating what you do 

3. Keep at it: Even if you fumbled the first time, don’t give up. To err is human! 


Here’s a great piece of news – I started my audio events on Linkedin last week. 43o+ people attended it and got to ask questions on communication. It’s Thursdays at 8PM. 

Make sure you RSVP for the next one on my Linkedin account below. 


With virtual calls has becoming a lifestyle since the pandemic, next week’s edition will bring top 3 tips to nail your virtual presence. Whether people choose to switch their cameras on or not, learn how to put your best foot forward online.

Spoiler alert: The resource of the week will show you how to avoid making the biggest blunder people commit on virtual calls


Hit reply and ask your questions. Send me your suggestions and comments. Anything! 

Hoping to hear from you soon! 




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How to write an effective elevator pitch: Do you struggle to make a great first impression? How would you like a one-line template that’ll help you introduce yourself – confidently and memorably every single time? Just 2o minutes can help you plan and write your elevator pitch! 

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