What Are The Soft Skills That Employers Seek?

soft skills employers look for

Soft skills that employers look for

I walk into a client’s office and ask for the person I want to meet. The person at the reception, glumly, asks me to take a seat. A peon comes to me with a glass of water on a tray and offers it to me with a smile. And more than the water, it’s the smile that puts me at ease, made me feel welcome. Something that the person at the reception should have done.

Soft Skills don’t matter just for job interviews but also while you are on a job. That is why employers look for certain soft skills while hiring since it can mean make or break for the organisation and the way it is perceived. As under graduates, students are trained in employability to prepare them for the real world outside. Post graduates in management are given placement training so that they can confidently project themselves during interviews. Job interviews are as much a test of technical knowledge as they are about how you present yourself – the quintessential soft skills game.

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5 Tips For Interviewers To Conduct Better Interviews

tips for interviewers

5 tips for interviewers to conduct better interviews

It is a humid afternoon in Mumbai. I am new to the city and find the place where the interviews are going to be conducted. I see a lot of people lined up before me. All of them are filling forms. This is a document which tries to capture all the details of the resume and beyond. And a copy of the resume has to be attached with it. After the laborious essay writing in the specified format, the interviews start. And as expected, the very first question asked is, tell us something about yourself!! Humph! I just wrote an essay about the last 5 generations of my family and attached a copy of my resume that talks about me too. And yet the first question every interview asks is the dumbest!!

At the outset, this blog post is not to deprecate interviewing practices generally followed or label people of the HR community stupid. This post rose from several interview experiences people have shared with me over the years. And more specifically inspired by the experiences of a client I am coaching right now. Which made me realise that some interview practices haven’t changed in a long time to reflect the changing times. I also have some amazing insights about interviews towards the end of this post. These insights prove how little interviews matter in today’s times and yet most of the grilling happens in the interview process.

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8 Ways To Simplify Complex Ideas

simplify ideas

Do you read the terms and conditions of warranty before you check the I AGREE box in any formal document? Whether it is an update on your phone or the purchase of a new policy? I’m pretty sure almost all of you shook your head. And I am guessing a big reason for it was the super tiny font that makes even the thought of reading it loathsome. As if that wasn’t enough, we have jargon liberally sprinkled all over such documents that we’d rather check the box and be done with it!

But extrication is not as easy in other areas of our lives. We need to understand investments and taxes, monthly/quarterly reports of our team’s performance, make decisions on the budgets to allocate, make sense of graphs that swim in front of our eyes at every presentation. And no one’s really making life any easier by customising information to easy comprehension. In this post, let’s see why it is important to simplify complex ideas and look at several ways to do it.

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3 Must Read Posts On My Linkedin Pulse

The best of linkedin pulse

I have crossed the 35 article mark on Linkedin Pulse and I thought this is a great time to celebrate it by sharing the best ones with you here. Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin to read the rest of the awesome posts!

1. How to become a confident speaker 

Surprise! My list starts with a post on speaking skills! This is one of the many posts that I have written on speaking skills on Linkedin and on this blog. This post has 10 things you can do to become a better speaker. This is a list of actions that help your overall speaking skills. I also have tips to make your speech and presentation impactful in – How to present like a pro

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Mark Manson: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck!

Work deadlines, payment due dates, moms’ school Whatsapp groups, keeping up with the Joneses, mom-in-law opinions, updating Facebook, the blockbuster movie missed, the bigger birthday party for the kid, the neighbour’s bigger car and better looking spouse – there are so many things that we worry about in our everyday life. Conventional wisdom nudges us to be our better selves, to try and be happy all the time, be our perfect selves, chase the elusive dream of being extraordinary. One look at the contents of Mark Manson’s book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life and you know that all your life beliefs are about to go for a toss.

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Thank You For The Highest Ever Views On The Blog!

Highest ever stats!

Soft Skills Studio was started as a blog to share my experiences in training and expertise in skill building. After a lot of research, I figured that there was need for a training blog that talks about skill building tips and other related areas. And it has been 3 eventful years – it completed 3 years recently – and I have written about a variety of topics related to communication and soft skills. From the series on speaking skills and vocabulary building to stand alone posts on productivity, listening skills, writing skills, effective communication, training, coaching. There have been book reviews, event reviews, Twitter activity updates, TED videos and what not! In fact, it is hard to capture the essence of the blog in a few lines. And yesterday, on 3rd October, the readers proved that the effort that goes into writing this blog is indeed worthwhile! The blog got the highest ever views in 3 years. And there’s another interesting thing about this piece of statistic…

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