How To Develop Communication and Soft Skills As Early As Possible

Dev commn and soft skills

I answered this question on Quora – How can I develop communication and soft skills as early as possible – and I thought, Hey! That’s a great blog post with tips! So here I am outlining 7 practical tips to build your soft skills and communication.

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8 Common Communication Errors We Commit And How To Fix Them

commn errors

Common communication errors and how to fix them

In a crazy world like ours, we are inundated with conversations online and off it. Communication is mostly on the fly through the most impersonal modes. The resulting frenzy has led us to overlook some of the important aspects that are critical to effective communication. Here are 8 common communication errors that we usually commit and how to fix them:

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10 Practical Steps To Get Back To A Second Career

second career post

Get back to a second career with confidence

If your new year resolution was to pick up, dust yourself and get going on a your second career after a break, this post is for you. Getting back to work after a break can be a daunting prospect. Where do you start? Who would want your services? Does your resume look okay? How should you explain your break? The challenge is bigger if you are looking for alternative options like work from home or something different from your previous experience. As a certified coach, I have coached many people who’ve been through this dilemma but found the right answers as we worked through each concern in our sessions. Here are a few pointers/indicators/steps you may want to consider before you jump head long into your job search:

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8 Simple Tips to Stick To Your New Year Resolutions

NY resolutions.png

8 practical tips to keep up your new year resolutions

The new year is notoriously known for a time when we all make resolutions. And break them. Have you ever wondered why we make and break resolutions as a pattern? I think the very term “resolutions” is associated with the word “break” – goals we are never going to achieve, ones that are doomed to fail. This struck me a couple of years ago and I decided to give up making vague resolutions and formulate goals instead. A few practical things which will get done – not a laundry list of things all that I’d like to be or do, all in the new year. And this has made a lot of sense to me.

I believe the new year is a great time to renew our efforts at “work in progress” called ourselves! Gradual progress is critical here, not turning into a new leaf as soon as the ball drops. And there are so many ways to continue working on this project, getting better one day at a time. Resolutions we make and the goals we set need not be broken or abandoned abruptly. Here are a few ways to ensure that we all stick with our new year goals – a little longer and make them a part of our lives:

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6 Practical Communication Tips For Introverts


Introverts can be just as communicative and people friendly as anyone else

Speak up. Be seen. Contribute. We live in a world where we are all expected to speak and be social. I recently worked with a couple of clients who are introverts. We worked on communication skills that would work in the world of extroverts. I am an extrovert myself and have never had any problem talking to people and passionately at that. And that set me thinking. We live in a world of extroverts and no one gives a thought to people who aren’t naturally talkative and social. But it is proven that introverts can take the world by storm just as well as extroverts can! Read on to know how:

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