Manoj Vasudevan: The World Champion of Public Speaking 2017



The top 10 finalists at the World Championship of Public Speaking, 2017

Watching the World Championship of Public Speaking on live streaming along with a 100 odd other Toastmasters was a memorable time. And it was all the more special since Aditya Maheshwaran, a member of my Toastmasters club, made it to the top 10 finalists. So the members of the club decided to cheer him on virtually as we made it to the streaming  venue early on saturday morning . Armed with sustenance like biscuits and energy bars, I was get, set, go for the first live World Championship viewing of my life!

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The 86th World Championship Of Public Speaking is here!


We have all been inspired by TED talks and the flawless presentations that are made on that esteemed platform. We are enthralled by the expertise of the speakers and  their speaking prowess makes us spellbound no matter which talk we watch. While TED was conceived as talks on Technology, Education and Design, the principles of great speaking are also an integral part of the event. Why am I telling you this? Read on to know more

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Reblog: 10 Communication Skills for Workplace Success

Communication skills are important for personal and professional success is something that goes without saying. And with so many virtual means available to us, communication as a skill is even more critical. Here is a useful article that I want to share to that chalks out 10 skills essential for success at the work place. The top 5 that I like are:

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Book Review: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills – Peggy Klaus


I came across this title a long while back and it’s been on my wish list forever. A big reason why this book caught my eye and I wanted to read it some time is that a book on soft skills is rare, a best seller, even more so! Books, articles, yes but not a proper book. I finally bought it on Amazon last month and finished in 3 days flat.

The first thing that the book does – and I love it – is to set the record straight about soft skills. Peggy asserts that soft skills are considered “warm and fuzzy” hence suffer “from a fundamental lack of respect.” Success and business aren’t soft terms and being nice to people doesn’t help you get ahead, right? Wrong! The book goes on to demonstrate how technical expertise apart, soft skills is what turns managers into leaders that build organisations.

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10 Quick Tips To Ace A Placement Interview

10 interview tips

The first job is a momentous and memorable event in one’s life. Tons of preparation and scores of interviews later, one steps out of college and moves into the adult world of work. I believe any challenge becomes easier to face with the right preparation and correct information. How many times have we exclaimed in realisation, “I wish someone had told me that before!” Students who have lived through carefree college days find hard to project professional etiquette during their campus interviews. And given the meagre scope of preparing a student for professional life in our academics, there is enough and more to be learnt. 

Here are 10 quick and useful tips for students who are at the threshold of their professional life. These little things are often ignored but make a great impact. God is in the details so we better watch out for them

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Reblog: How Successful People Stay Calm

Stay calm- Forbes

The ever growing task lists. The deadlines that loom large. The personal commitments that get left behind. The health concerns that demand our attention. There is more to do than there is time in a day. And the resulting stress and pressure can break us. But successful and famous people seem to strike the right balance and make time for everything in the same 24 hours that we have? There has to be some secret to it! And I found this  wonderful piece from Forbes which reveals those secrets.

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