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How to give constructive criticism at work (1)

Give feedback without hurting anyone’s feelings

Tracy finished facilitating her first meeting and she knew it wasn’t perfect. Yet, she felt great because she had at least taken the first step. But her boss walked up to her while the other team members were still around and told her, “The meeting did not go well”. She was flummoxed by his comment and attributed it to her inexperience. And if you have been the recipient of such vague feedback at work, you know how that feels.

Giving and receiving feedback is a sensitive form of communication. It is very easy to hurt and demoralise or hold resentments even though they may not be called for. I want to share an article with you that gives you specific guidelines on giving feedback without hurting anyone’s feelings. And I think this is a key skill for the work place.

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33 Effective Ways To Unplug And Improve Your Quality Of Life

33 reasons

33 effective ways to stay off social media

I have a confession to make: I was a social media junkie till the end of last year. I woke up with social media on my phone and went to sleep reading on my Kindle app. I just couldn’t live without my phone even for a second. I was anxious and jittery all the time – checking for notifications every few minutes even when there were no new ones.

And then one day, I went cold turkey. My phone became a device it was originally meant for – calls and SMS (and Whatsapp – after a few weeks of absence on it too-  since there is nowhere else to put it) Now, I don’t sleep with my phone or even have it next to me through the day. I am a lot calmer and the jitters are gone with the addiction. I’m not off social media but choose to be there when it suits me. And trust me! The feeling is truly liberating! Here are a few tips that I found are helpful to unplug and stay that way. So, let’s start:

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7 Common Presentation Blunders And How To Fix Them

7 presn skills

Lights off. Powerpoint on. And the presentation starts. We know the drill. We know it is boring. And yet we go ahead and present the way we do all the time. That’s the first mistake and the only big one – if you ask me! People find it hard to believe me when I say that presentations don’t have to be boring at all. I remember a training program that I conducted for a company in Mumbai. The pre-training presentations were all the same. But after the program, the group applied practical tips they learnt during the program to make their post training presentations remarkably different. You can make your presentations standout too. Avoid these mistakes:

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Unwavering Focus: TEDxReno Talk By Dandapani

This is an unusual post for me. And yet I want to share this video with you since it appealed so much to me. First of all, I was surprised to see a hindu priest at a TEDx talk because more often than not there are authors, scientists, researchers, anthropologists, sociologists and experts of their respective fields who deliver TED talks. Meditation and spirituality is almost hokum compared to the exact sciences that the other fields are. But the talk explains something complex that we all are going through at this time in such a simple manner. And I think we all should watch this and learn the art of unwavering focus. Let’s begin!

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