17 Effective Tips For Great Customer Service On Phone (and a bonus tip)

Customer service is the key to retaining customers. In today’s busy times, tele-service and social media play an important role in keeping in touch with your customers.

cust service on the phone

Great customer service on the phone is one of the best ways to retain your customers

While some encounters are face to face, customers rely heavily on calling up to sort their issues. And easy and timely service on the phone can go a long way in strengthening your brand. Here are a few sure fire ways to achieve that:

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20 Tips for Mastering the Art of Public Speaking | Inc.com


Public speaking skills are one of the important skills to survive in life! (Photo credit)

Public speaking is one of the most important skills to succeed in life!

It is also one of the most dreaded!

There is something about standing in front of people that shuts our brains down! But thankfully there is a cure for this malady. Using some simple tips, you can master the stage and present a winning speech every time you face people!

Brent Gleeson, Navy SEAL combat veteran and a leadership and change management expert, gives us 20 tips to master public speaking skills. Here are my favourites from the list:

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3 Must Read Books From My Reading List


Some of the best books I read this year! 

We are at the mid point of the year and I thought of taking a peek into my reading list. I’m almost down to 50 books so far this year. (Thanks to kicking the social media habit) It’s been a fair mix of fiction and non fiction – actually more fiction than non. Fiction wise, I started on some authors that I haven’t read before. I finished short stories and novels by Jhumpa Lahiri (I remembered that I’d read The Namesake already but read it again anyways) I read some authors for the first time –  Kiran Nagarkar‘s latest, Jasoda and Haruki Murakami. Fiction does lead us into different kinds of world that we wouldn’t experience otherwise.

I discovered some great non-fiction book too. Arianna Huffington and Scott Adams were great reads. Read on for my half yearly recommendations to add to your reading list:

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Did You Forget The Most Important Part Of Your Presentation?

Presentation checklist:

CONTENT – check

SLIDES – check

NOTES – check

PRACTICE – check


The audience is the focal point of any presentation

Presentations usually turn out to be events where we share what we know about the topic. The updates we think are important for the listeners. But whether it’s a toast at a wedding, an office presentation, a meeting or experience sharing at your alma mater – each event has a different kind of audience. And we speak for them, not ourselves. Some times, the audience will be a similar set of people – a team meeting or a diverse bunch – like a birthday party. Choosing your content that goes with the audience is the key to success. Here’s how:

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Five Communication Mistakes That Are Holding You Back: Forbes

5 commn errors

5 communication errors and how to fix them

Communication is a tricky thing at any level, in any relationship. And despite all the sophisticated ways of communicating with people, we only end up with a lot of miscommunication. Kristi Hedges, CEO, executive coach and a Forbes contributor talks about 5 most common communication errors that we make in our work life. They might be simple but they are quite common in our professional lives:

Here’s a quick summary:

The 5 communication errors holding you back are: 

1. Failing to ask for clarifications: Either we do this or know people who do this. The most common reason is our fear of appearing dumb. But I think it is better to appear dumb that to guess what the manager really wants and miss the mark.

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