Google throws up 7,83,00,000 results in 0.41 seconds when I look up – How to start blogging. And almost all of them say, Step 1 – pick a blogging platform. And then the roller coaster ride starts and inscrutable jargon gets thrown around – free/paid/premium themes, plug-ins, widgets, self hosting, domain name and what not. And while you get busy sorting out his mess, you miss a tiny, little important detail – your love for writing and what you really wanted to write about in the first place! I don’t know about you but I was ready to abandon my plan to start writing this blog by the end of this endless decision-making WordPress wanted me to go through to get my blog up and running. It was a quite a bit of a kill joy actually – unless you are a tech savvy person!

Do you also read blogs and hope to start one someday? Is the maze of blogosphere too confusing to navigate? Do you have a lot of ideas but cannot figure out where to start? Do you wonder who will want to read what you write? I can understand how you feel. And hence this workshop. The right planning and research can help you find answers to all your questions. It will also set the foundation for a blog that can make an impact.

Blog Like Suman is a workshop on blogging for beginners. This workshop can be customised for individuals, start ups, brands to suit your blogging goals. It primarily covers everything you need to know about starting a  blog and continue blogging.

So what is Blog like Suman about?

Some of the topics covered are:

Finding your blogging passion/goals
Understanding your blog category and your target audience
Components of an ideal blog post
Types of blogging content
How to promote your blog
Blogging best practices (etiquette)
How to make money eventually

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