5 Things To Do On This Blog


The best of us need to take a break sometimes.

Rather, it is a good idea to take breaks and come back fresh and rejuvenated!

And this is one such break that I’m taking for a few weeks. It’s only a few weeks! By the time, the glow of Diwali lights fade, you’ll see me back in action. And better than ever!

A brand new look of the blog, brand new videos on my channel and brand new posts on the blog! So yeah! Patience is a virtue and good things come in their own time.

There are so many things that you can do while new posts don’t appear on this blog. Here they are:

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7 Posts That Can Transform Your Communication Skills

Hello everyone! My last post was a recap on all the things that have happened on this blog. But with 200+ posts, I thought of making this quick reference guide to the content here. Although the search tab at the end of the home page works great too. Still I decided to pick up the most popular and important posts in useful categories like presentation, coaching, communication, speaking, reading, vocabulary building etc. So spending 10 minutes on this blog post can help you learn a great deal about improving your soft skills and communication.

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4th Anniversary Giveaway

4th anni post

Celebrating the 4th anniversary of my blog

Time for another milestone in the life of this blog. After celebrating 200 posts recently, it’s time for the 4th birthday! And so much has happened here in these years. 

I still remember the first email that I got from WordPress at the end of 2015 to reveal – The blog got 18770 views from 10388 visitors from 144 countries in 15 months of its existence. It also had the top performing posts among other stats. The stats have moved up to 44300 by the end of 2017 leading to an all time total of 1,31,132 views. 


What is interesting is that the top performing posts on the blog have remained consistent, adding to the views over the years. You may want to check them out here:

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13 Key Lessons I Learnt From Writing 200 Posts In 3 Years

13 Lessons post

A 200 post milestone is a great time to look back on the blogging lessons learnt

200 posts! 113022 views! 76669 visitors! In a little less than 4 years! Seems like yesterday that I hit the 100 posts mark! It’s been a hard but rewarding journey! I have nurtured this blog like a baby and from teething troubles to teenage tantrums – we’ve gone through it all! There were times when the blog was a pliant infant easily giving in to my writing endeavours. Other times, it behaved like a recalcitrant toddler that just wouldn’t allow me to pin down ideas. As it grew, we also had our share of spats when we snubbed each other for weeks! But no matter what happened, both of us have stuck together through it all. The passion and the love with which the blog was created ensured that come what may, it wouldn’t wither and die.

The story starts in July 2014. This blog began taking shape. As I took baby steps in creating my professional presence online. The right theme, pages to add, content for the pages, look of the home page, planning content for the posts – decisions and more decisions to be made. And the blog has come such a  long way since those confusing times! With so many revamping sprees in between. It’s still a work in progress. It’s also learning in progress. 

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2017: The Year Gone By


Blog stats for 2017

As another year ends, it’s time to take stock of how the blog fared and what Soft Skills Studio has been up to. From being featured in the newspaper to an interesting stint with Toastmasters, here are the top highlights of the year:

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Thank You For The Highest Ever Views On The Blog!

Highest ever stats!

Soft Skills Studio was started as a blog to share my experiences in training and expertise in skill building. After a lot of research, I figured that there was need for a training blog that talks about skill building tips and other related areas. And it has been 3 eventful years – it completed 3 years recently – and I have written about a variety of topics related to communication and soft skills. From the series on speaking skills and vocabulary building to stand alone posts on productivity, listening skills, writing skills, effective communication, training, coaching. There have been book reviews, event reviews, Twitter activity updates, TED videos and what not! In fact, it is hard to capture the essence of the blog in a few lines. And yesterday, on 3rd October, the readers proved that the effort that goes into writing this blog is indeed worthwhile! The blog got the highest ever views on a single day, in 3 years. And there’s another interesting thing about this piece of statistic…

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