Blog Like Suman is back!

BLS flyer

All you need to know about Blog Like Suman

Blog Like Suman is back! And this time as a power packed full day workshop which covers everything you ever wanted to know about starting your own blog. We will not just discuss your passion for blogging but also find a place for it in the blogging world. This workshop is not just about getting you started but also about giving you the tools to help you keep going in your journey as a blogger.

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Blog Like Suman: Glimpses Of The 2nd Workshop

30 jan flier

Blog Like Suman

Blog Like Suman Рthe blogging workshop for beginners was held a second time on 30th January, 2016. After it was a success the first time in December 2015, I decided to do it a second time for the benefit of people who missed it the first time. The group was pretty unique even this time Рa social media strategist, a florist and a tech person (who runs a web hosting service) were the participants.

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Blog Like Suman – A Day With Bloggers of the Future

First times are always special. And so was this workshop РBlog Like Suman Рmy first open workshop for beginners in blogging. After weeks of designing, promotions, content work etc, the day was finally here! A crisp, winter morning in Mumbai and what better place than a tea house to sit around and ponder over blogging goals! Low seating, yellow lights and hot tea pouring into our cups through the session!


Taj Mahal Tea House, Bandra – the perfect setting for some creative time!

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