• I feel very fortunate, I came across you and we got connected through LinkedIn. All the sessions we had, kept expanding my horizon as I was exploring various aspects of personal branding along with you.

    Neha Mistry HR Professional
  • Enrolling myself for the Trainer- Mentoring program with Suman Kher is certainly one of the positive things I have done in 2020. During the program, Suman has not only just demonstrated her domain expertise but also shared anecdotes from personal experiences and the step by step process of establishing oneself as a personal brand in the training Industry.

    Archana Parmar Business english and communication coach
  • The trainer mentoring session was very informative and mapped out alternatives and direction. It was a very honest and upfront interaction thus giving a clear perspective of what to expect. Thanks Suman for sharing important insights and leads to add value to my journey as a trainer.

    Anita Joshua Teaching Professional at National Public School Whitefield
  • Suman is an expert and effective trainer who delivers content precisely and up to the mark. I had the opportunity to attend her workshop for trainers which was quite useful for me. The content of the workshop was precise and crisply delivered covering all the aspect of subject.

    Pravin Kohale Mentor, Coach, Educationalist
  • Suman is a confident trainer who understands the perspective of the learners. That makes her approachable.

    Arun Chitlangia Senior Trainer
  • One on One session with Suman covered everything that I expected: A few things that I liked the most were her attention to detail, her constructive feedback and follow up after the session.

    Bhavani Dhanraj Trainer-Entrepreneur
  • Your energy is always infectious! Some great tips shared by you on communication in the virtual arena. Encouraging my friends to attend your sessions

    Heena Mehta Soft skills mentor
  • The topics were well thought out! It isn't easy to put such topics together

    Tarun Gakhar About Unscripted 1.0
  • Suman has a laser sharp focus on the client’s end results. During my coaching sessions with her, she respected deadlines and delivered the desired outcome by the end of it.

    Aparna Mohan Lead Technologist ITC Limited, Bangalore
  • it's a great initiative and a perfect platform to ease our stress levels that all of us are experiencing in these torrid times. And in addition to that provides an opportunity to enhance one's impromptu speaking skills.

    Mallampalli Seshasai, National Head - business performance Participant in Unscripted 5.0
  • Incredible session. Want to join again if get a chance. The name Unscripted totally justifies the session.

    Akshay Kumar, Language trainer Participant at Unscripted 5.0
  • Suman is an amazing person. A bonafide soft skills trainer. I happened to have a conversation with her once to gain clarity on few things with respect to Corporate Trainings. Her passion; her zest; her knowledge about every sphere of this space is so inspiring. I hardly see people so comfortable and willing to help. Respect Suman Kher for this relentless spirit.

    Shivani Thapliyal Trainer/Facilitator