How to Weave Statistics Into Your Speech: Andrew Dlugan Suman August 4, 2016

How to Weave Statistics Into Your Speech: Andrew Dlugan


Weave statistics into your speech to make it impactful (photo credit)

Consider these sentences:

The number of videos on Youtube is rising everyday

60 hours of video is uploaded on Youtube every minute

Which of the above makes a bigger impact on you? Which one gives you the real perspective of how many videos go online every day?

Statistics can make a presentation boring and mundane. But used in the right manner, statistics can make people sit up and take notice of what you are saying. Statistics turn abstract ideas into real numbers. Like putting the number of social media users into the population of countries makes better sense than the millions and billions on their own.

Choose your statistics with care so that they strengthen your argument and strike a chord with the audience. Practice it to achieve the desired effect when you present it. Voice, body language and the right tone are a few things to get right for the right impact.

This brilliant piece on the benefits of using statistics in your speech, how to select the best metrics, and how to deliver them tells you more:

Source: How to Weave Statistics Into Your Speech

Do you use statistics in your presentation? How does that work for you? Or do you find it challenging?