Video: 3 Blunders To Absolutely Avoid In A Resume

It is that time of the year when students are appearing for their placement interviews. It is a nervous yet exciting time of their lives. So I thought of making a video that is so relevant to the interview process – 3 mistakes to avoid in a resume. Before I start with the tips, here is a very important fact you should know:

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13 Things You Can’t Neglect In Placement Interviews

13 Tips to Ace Placement interviews

Placement interviews can be stressful but also interesting times. Facing interviews for the first time should be exciting for anyone.

And there is nothing a little preparation can’t help crack the dreaded placement interviews.

I have put together some relevant tips to help you focus on important areas of preparation. You can also follow my series on placement interviews on Linkedin Pulse.

I’d like to start by helping you with a little fact that can have a huge impact on our preparation.

PRO TIP: Recruiters spend only 6 SECONDS scanning a resume before they decide to select or reject it. 

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7 Posts That Can Transform Your Communication Skills

Hello everyone! My last post was a recap on all the things that have happened on this blog. But with 200+ posts, I thought of making this quick reference guide to the content here. Although the search tab at the end of the home page works great too. Still I decided to pick up the most popular and important posts in useful categories like presentation, coaching, communication, speaking, reading, vocabulary building etc. So spending 10 minutes on this blog post can help you learn a great deal about improving your soft skills and communication.

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How To Choose The Best Training Certification For You?


When we first start looking for a job, it’s the latest academic qualification that we push forward. It could be engineering or management. A literature graduate or designing school major. But we live in a world where offbeat professional options are popular too. Great with the camera? Pick one up and click away – Candid photos, corporate events, pre-wedding shoots, Instagram posts – anything you like. Passionate about writing? Put your pieces together and pitch it to online/offline magazines. Good with social media marketing? You can start consulting with start ups and help them set up their online brand. Great with people and would want to train them? Become a trainer! Or should you? Let’s find out!

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12 Precious Public Speaking Lessons From The World Champion Of 2018

AAND THE WORLD CHAMPION OF PUBLIC SPEAKING 2018 IS….A WOMAN!!! Only the 2nd African American woman and 5th woman overall in the 80 year old history of the championship! Hmm…those stats kinda dampen my spirit! Only 5 women out of 80 winners are women! But let’s enjoy this proud moment of victory! Ramona Smith, 31, a high school teacher from Houston delivered the knock out punch before a huge international audience of 2000 people! She made her place among the top ten by defeating over 30,000 opponents in about 6 months!

And wait for the goose bumps to pop by the end of the speech!! Watching this will make your day, I assure you! And to become better public speakers ourselves, here are a few things we can learn from her award winning speech:

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17 Effective Tips For Great Customer Service On Phone (and a bonus tip)

Customer service is the key to retaining customers. In today’s busy times, tele-service and social media play an important role in keeping in touch with your customers.

cust service on the phone

Great customer service on the phone is one of the best ways to retain your customers

While some encounters are face to face, customers rely heavily on calling up to sort their issues. And easy and timely service on the phone can go a long way in strengthening your brand. Here are a few sure fire ways to achieve that:

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