How To Start A Blog: A Batch Of Enthusiastic Women Suman October 12, 2016

How To Start A Blog: A Batch Of Enthusiastic Women

It was an all women’s batch this time. Blog Like Suman has been a great journey so far. And each session has been so different and interesting depending on the mix of participants and the unique experiences they bring in.

What is Blog Like Suman?

If you google, how to start a blog, you will find a few million links and you can all the information you want. Most likely first steps include find your passion, select your domain name, write among others. Blog Like Suman fills the critical gap between domain names and writing. While ‘write’ is pretty sane advice, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The workshop is specially designed for beginners to help them understand the creative process to not just start blogging but also to keep writing.

The session this time was an all women’s batch who were enthusiastic about blogging and the conversations were pretty interesting. We also made a Whatsapp group at the end of the session – not a usual practice – to keep the motivation going and help each other along in their blogging goals. Since the workshop comes with unlimited post-session support, I can also share resources on Whatsapp continue keeping in touch with the group.

Some glimpses from the session:


The blogging session in progress


Answering a question during the session


The mandatory selfie after the session!


Waiting for the session to start and chatting up meanwhile

Blog Like Suman has been a great thing for me. I do it purely for the passion of blogging since I love to share my experience with people. When I started this blog in 2014, I had to go through the plethora of confusing information and understand that it plagues anyone who wants to step into the wonderful world of blogs. And this blogging for beginners workshop has you covered for everything that google isn’t telling you!

So until the next time….