Blog Like Suman: Women In Full Force!


Blog Like Suman – The exact answer to how to start a blog! 

It was an all women’s batch this time. Blog Like Suman has been a great journey so far. And each session has been so different and interesting depending on the mix of participants and the unique experiences they bring in.

What is Blog Like Suman?

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A Soft Skills Journey That Completes Two Years

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It’s been a journey that completes 2 years this month. July 2014 – a milestone in my life when this blog was conceived and I set out to share my knowledge and experiences on this blog. And I can’t thank all of you enough for the love, support and encouragement you all have shown to this blog. Even though posting on a blog and setting up a thriving training business is hard, I have thoroughly enjoyed pursuing my passion. It has had it’s own ups and downs and I thought this is a good time to look back on them. 

It’s scary to traverse unchartered territories when you start something new on your own. It is stepping out of your comfort zone and bid adieu to the predictability of life. You can follow others for inspiration but one’s own journey turns out to be unique and different. It is waking up every morning and taking the next step forward without letting the mammoth journey ahead intimidate you. Easy as it sounds, some days arrive ponderously with self doubt that refuses to go. But ploughing on is the only choice. When I look back, there are a few things that come to mind that might help you in your journey too. So, here they are in no specific order:

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Blog Like Suman: Blogging For Beginners

Blog Like Suman – the first full day blogging program of Soft Skills Studio was held on 25th June in Mumbai. Even the torrential rains couldn’t dampen the blogging spirit of the enthusiastic bloggers-to-be who turned up. The program, which has always been a half day crash course, was a full day program packed with action. The intention was to be able to have a more comprehensive discussion on blogging and personal branding. Here’s an account of what happened:

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Blog Like Suman is back!

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All you need to know about Blog Like Suman

Blog Like Suman is back! And this time as a power packed full day workshop which covers everything you ever wanted to know about starting your own blog. We will not just discuss your passion for blogging but also find a place for it in the blogging world. This workshop is not just about getting you started but also about giving you the tools to help you keep going in your journey as a blogger.

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Blogging Milestones: It’s Time To Celebrate!

It’s been a fortnight of milestones and firsts at Soft Skills Studio. The streak began with the Facebook page hitting 500 likes!


500 likes on Facebook, thanks to you!

And then the blog itself completed 100 posts.


A 100 posts, thanks to your encouraging responses!

And while we were still jumping for joy – you, the awesome readers of the blog gave us the highest ever views at 250 from just 90+ plus visitors!

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Highest views on the blog ever!!

We can’t thank you all enough for your readership and encouragement to keep coming back with more brilliant content week after week. Since you all have been so important to our success, we have decided to celebrate these milestones with freebies just for you! We have 5 free coaching sessions of an hour each to give away. These free sessions could also lead to more surprises from the treasure box we have for you!! Watch this space for more. Also, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates on this.


Blog Like Suman – The Blogging Workshop For Beginners

I know I have been missing for sometime now. But life seems to get crazy sometimes and takes us away from our favourite places. But I guess the absence paid off because I am back with some great news – a blogging workshop for beginners. Read on for all the details: 

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