Reblog: 10 Communication Skills for Workplace Success Suman August 15, 2017

Reblog: 10 Communication Skills for Workplace Success

Communication skills are important for personal and professional success is something that goes without saying. And with so many virtual means available to us, communication as a skill is even more critical. Here is a useful article that I want to share to that chalks out 10 skills essential for success at the work place. The top 5 that I like are:

1. Listening: Whenever we talk about communication, we erroneously assume it’s all about talking. But listening is as important too. In the distracted world that we live in, listening actively is even more of a precious skill we need to consciously cultivate. The tips to become a better listener in this post should help you towards this goal.

2. Clarity and concision: We are so used to endless stream of words on Whatsapp, Twitter and other social media that the art of concision is mostly lost. But it is not irrelevant. Being able to write a concise yet clear email to your client is a prized skill. Expressing your idea quickly but clearly in a team meeting can get you noticed among the crowd. Think about it!

3. Empathy: With much of our communication going faceless, this is an emotion which needs to be preserved at the workplace. Amicable disagreements, empathetic listening to step into the other person’s shoes are a few things that can help us practice empathy.

4. Feedback: Being able to give constructive feedback in a positive manner is a skill in itself. And how you receive negative feedback also says a lot about you as a person. As a manager or a supervisor, you could make or break someone’s morale by just the way you communicate the good and bad of your team member.

5. Picking the right medium: A very important skill in today’s times is to choose the right medium. While SMS seems vintage to most, would you Whatsapp your senior to provide updates? What is the best medium to convey bad news? What is the medium your clients prefer to use? These are a few questions that one needs to consider and ensure the right one is used for the right purpose.

You can read the article in full below:

Here are the top 10 communication skills that employers look for and tips for how to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Source: Communication Skills for Workplace Success

Are there any skills that you’s like to add to this list. Do drop them in the comments and I will include them in this post too.

You may also want to watch this brilliant TED Talk by Julian Treasure on 5 ways to listen better where he talks 5 useful things in becoming a better listener.