6 Key Tips for Disagreeing With Someone Respectfully | Inc.com Suman September 13, 2017

6 Key Tips for Disagreeing With Someone Respectfully | Inc.com

We all have out world view and would expect others to fall in line. But working in a team or any set of people involves accommodating others’ views or at least respectfully conveying yours. The key word here is how to “respectfully” do it. I found this wonderful article on Inc which gives tips on doing exactly that. Here are the top 3 things that I love in the article:

No one likes to hear that you don’t agree with them. Conveying your disagreement is a totally different thing altogether. The 3 things that I liked in the article are:

1. Stick to facts: Let’s not get into “I think” you are wrong. Technically no one is. We just have different perspectives to things. So use logic to disagree.

2. Don’t get personal: Don’t target someone out of your dislike for that person. Be objective and stick to the point of disagreement.

3. Listen: I think this is the golden tip that applies to any communication situation. First of all, we always listen to respond. That affects our listening. And even when we listen, our listening might be coated with several kinds of prejudices about the topic and the person that we might just assume we heard what we did. But actually not. So this is key in effective communication. Always pay attention and really listen. Here are more tips to listen better.

Go ahead and read the rest of the awesome tips on disagreeing respectfully in the article below:

Source: 6 Key Tips for Disagreeing With Someone Respectfully | Inc.com

Tell me any tips you might have to help you disagree in a nice manner with your colleagues or team members. I can include the good ones in the blog post so that all the readers can benefit from your experience.