20 Tips for Mastering the Art of Public Speaking | Inc.com Suman August 3, 2018

20 Tips for Mastering the Art of Public Speaking | Inc.com

Public speaking is one of the most important skills to succeed in life!

It is also one of the most dreaded!

There is something about standing in front of people that shuts our brains down! But thankfully there is a cure for this malady. Using some simple tips, you can master the stage and present a winning speech every time you face people!

Brent Gleeson, Navy SEAL combat veteran and a leadership and change management expert, gives us 20 tips to master public speaking skills. Here are my favourites from the list:

1. Find your style: Every speaker is different. And even though you may begin by emulating your favourite speakers, you’ll gradually settle into a style that suits you as a person and the speaking situations you generally encounter.

2. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse: This will help you strengthen your style and make you a more confident speaker. We can only get better with repetition.

3. Take every opportunity to speak: You wouldn’t become a confident driver unless you drove on busy streets, no matter how terrifying the idea! You wouldn’t be a world class chef unless you whipped up some bad dishes on your way to perfection. Same goes for speaking skills. Step on stage at every opportunity you find. It doesn’t matter whether you speak well or not.

4. Practice body language and movement: The gestures you use on stage greatly add to your speech. Get confident with your body and practice gestures on and off stage to project non-verbal confidence too.

To read the rest of the awesome tips by Gleeson, read the article below:

Terrified of public speaking? You’re not alone. Following these tips will pave the way to speaking success.

Source: 20 Tips for Mastering the Art of Public Speaking | Inc.com

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