How To Get Started On Linkedin And Generate Sales Suman February 14, 2023

How To Get Started On Linkedin And Generate Sales

Linkedin crossed 100 million members in India this week.

With 56% growth in members over the last 3 years, India is now the second largest member base for Linkedin.

This was a long time coming given the efforts of Linkedin to generate new and engaging content since 2021.

After the first one in the US, the Creator Accelerator Program was rolled out in India in January 2021.

200 content creators were chosen, including me, to create content and generate conversations around work related topics.

This was important because a lot of people joined Linkedin during the pandemic and the content had to be moderated to cater to everyone.

As the only professional platform in the world, presence on this one is a must.

Not being on Linkedin is not a choice!

The most common question people ask is – how to get started on Linkedin?

Other common questions include – how to build a network on Linkedin, how to find a job and how to generate sales on Linkedin.

In this post, I am going to share one great resource that answers all these and more-

The Linkedin Operating System by Justin Welsh

From setting your profile to the sales funnels with zero ads – this is the course to invest in in 2023!

This course covers a whole range of topics:

– How to get started on Linkedin

– How to generate sales on Linkedin

– The tricks to build a network on Linkedin

– Content matrix that Justin himself uses to generate content ides day after day

– Copy writing 101 makes writing simple and effective

– The swipe file of his top 50 posts show how he’s done it

This course is his playbook on creating content, engaging and selling – everything we want to achieve on Linkedin!

Here are a few reasons why I strongly recommend this course

#1. It’s one of a kind

I’ve learnt thru many sources to constantly update my knowledge.

And since Linkedin has evolved quite a bit in the last 3 years. I felt the need to look up latest courses that help gain influence on Linkedin in the present time.

And this course is one of a kind. It covers the basics of setting up your profile and takes you through how sales can be achieved on Linkedin with zero ads. 

#2. It’s the exact blueprint of how Justin got to 350K followers 

It’s not just theory – but all the exact steps that Justin himself continues to use. I have already 

✅ Optimised my Featured section for maximum benefit

✅ Started commenting marathons (and guess who follows me now!!)

✅ Applied the copy writing rules I learnt on my new content

#3. It is super structured and flows at a comfortable pace 

The videos are short and cover one concept each. The delivery is paced very well. Even if you are not a native English speaker, you can follow it easily.

#4. It can benefit anyone!

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned like me, there is something for everyone.

Although I knew the basics, setting up sales funnels right in the featured section was a mind-blowing revelation.

#5. Just copy writing 101 is worth it

The module on copy writing is absolutely eye opening. We think of copy from an advertising point of view. But we need it to create “scroll stopping” content to get noticed.

And this module tells you in great detail how to do that.

All my content in February already reflect the principles I learnt in the course. I write 50% less and yet 100% satisfied with the content I put out.

Plus it looks really readable with short paragraphs – one liners, really and people have to stop

#6. Clean distraction free slides

This makes the learning that much easier.

The clean dual shade slides – given as pdf at the beginning of the course – serve as your notes for future reference.

You don’t have to go back and watch the videos. You can just search for a concept and revise it quickly.

This is a great thing in a course that needs us to implement. You can jump between modules and look at only what you are trying to apply.

#7. It gives you lifetime access

And this a great thing because you will want to go back and refresh some concepts.

The content matrix that helps you generate ideas ads great speed will take some studying and applying to get results.

#8. The swipe file of his 50 top posts 

The swipe file shows everything you’ve learnt in action. The copy writing rules, the content matrix and that it works!

This file in itself helps you understand the application so much better.

Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • He uses a lot of his content as examples but DO Not let the numbers intimidate you!! 
  • Don’t let the short videos fool you. It’s packed with so much value you’ll need to come back. Take your time grasping concepts
  • The content matrix will take practice to understand and apply. But totally worth it 

The most unbelievable thing is the immense value the course gives at such a great price! (and slashed by 50% on top of that!)

This is, undoubtedly, the best investment I’ve made in 2023!!

All this can be yours with just one click: The Linkedin OS by Justin Welsh

Use the code on top of the page to get 50% off too!